Standalone Uploads: Sage Elsesser & Aidan Mackey in \m/ and Rick Howard in Super International Tour Zone

sage nosegrind

Two cool videos surfaced over the weekend. Here are some highlights from each, conveniently uploaded as single versions to watch before skating.

\m/ is a video by Cooper Winterson and is over an hour long. A lot of embittered older bros might find it hard to get psyched off watching sixteen-year-olds skate, but at least Sage and Aidan’s skating takes notes from the simpler side of things and obviously Alien Workshop 3.0. (FYI: 1.0 = this, 2.0 = this & this, 3.0 = this & this, 4.0 = this?) Watching kids do cool 5050s and cruiser lines with big ollies is better than, say eight years ago, when your average “good” high school skater on the east coast couldn’t be bothered with anything besides a nollie backside bigspin down whatever ten-stair was available. Sage is likely known to some as “that Odd Future kid” (he’s had other New York-based parts, by the way), and Aidan is recognizable for having he most vibrantly-colored hair to ever set foot in 12th & A. They both rip.

Watch \m/ in full on YouTube

Okay, it’s safe to assume the guy making these forty-minute-to-hour-long Girl re-edits is a psycho — a brilliant one — but still a psycho. Even redubbing three minutes worth of skate noises for our Forrest Edwards re-edit was the most tedious process ever. This guy does it for over an hour, and organizes a decade-plus of footage with it at that. Is this what people are capable of when they live somewhere with absolutely no distractions?

Since the Girl fam might be looking for a new editor, there is no reason this guy shouldn’t be tracked down. Dog and Super International Tour Zone capture the earlier magic of Girl and Chocolate in a way that some of their recent productions haven’t. He even treats a young(er) gun like Sean Malto with the same reverence as Rick Howard and Mike Carroll, so there’s no trace of nineties bias whatsoever.

And is there a skater that looks like he’s having more fun skating that Rick Howard? Positive mental attitudes are contagious, even through video footage, which is why this guy still tops so many favorites list regardless of age divides. (Permanently the best Canadian skater ever?) Watch Super International Tour Zone if you have yet to do so. It reminds us of why we fell in love with Girl and Chocolate to begin with. It has a five-minute section of “Goof Off Koston” (everybody’s favorite Koston), Mike Carroll skating to a Pimp C / Organized Noize collaboration, and a six-minute Brian Anderson part.

Watch Super International Tour Zone in full on Vimeo


  1. Girl won’t hire that dude because he’s making them look BAD. Let Aaron Meza make the next vid and my lover and I will be happy.

  2. I know you were trying to make <m– or whatever the fuck seem more appealing but it worked the opposite for me. Honestly, you lost me at "…16 year old skaters". Sorry.

  3. I always thought a skate vid should be max. 20 minutes. Super International Tour Zone had me captivated until about halfway through the Malto part, so I went to skip it and when I realized I had watched the whole hour video I was shocked.

  4. Remember that time you posted the really boring (yet techinically impressive) West coast looking part of Tyshawn and that other dude? This is like that part’s really good and proper counterpart. Big up to these guys using their heads AND skateboards. Sick! I’m being an ass assuming… but it’s like DILL is to these guys the way KOSTON is to the other two.

  5. niggas need to get off dills underachieving dick

    sick skater but dudes fans act like he is the holy end all

  6. I dunno 2 trainz Dill’s had a pretty solid run of a skate career, all of his parts have been really sick for different reasons. I find him incredibly annoying in person. But on the board he’s about as good as it gets.

    Sage and Aidan are fucking shredders

  7. I don’t know, call me plain old fashioned, but Prop Joe stay watching Bronze 56k before a session, nahmean? Some curbs, 58 mm wheels for speed, and a frosty Coca Cola after the session. Living the good life! I just hope Avon don’t come around here looking for trouble, cause I ain’t finna tangle in this heat.

  8. I brought up Dill because these kids seem to be influenced by him rather than Kostn, who seemed to influence the other 2 kids I mentioned. Chill out. The dude is simply a great skateboarder… this site, and this post, was about skateboarding.

  9. some of the shit that sage and aidan do on a board or choose to wear is a bit rich at times, but it’s chill to me that two flow-level 16-year-olds are skate smarter than probably most “cool” pros, and most importantly, got me stoked to go skate. i look forward to seeing what they’re doing 5-, 10-, 15-years from now.

  10. yo suck a dick prop joe, i outlived you. you got murked by that bitch ass marlo. when i get out of prison im gonna take over both of your empires and ill have bmore all to myself

  11. Just so I’m not misunderstood, I like the video a lot. It takes a lot of gumption and skills to flex like them young guns did in the film. Also, props to the SnackMan for giving them they due coverage. I been a fan of the site since way back before when. Now, if only I could find my crab flavored Utz at the corner store, and an apartment that could fit my big ass into it for less than $4,000 a month I’d be all up in that NY scene. Feel me?

  12. philmore, FBI i love koston, always have always will. But if i could never watch nyjah skate again i’d be totally good with that, and P. ROD is boring to me. So yeah, you’re an idiot

  13. Koston is his own genre of skating. He revolutionized line skating. Study up, he can skate anything. Those of you comparing him to some kids jumping down stairs need to open your eyes.

    As for Sage and Aidan their good. Sage’s line at the sea port was an eye-opener.

  14. In regards to Koston, I’ve been watching him since the 101 days, but the “dorking around” is a little fucking annoying. Everyone says he is goofinf, but you can tell he is a dick. In regards to his skating, it obviously influential. I come to this sight for investigative journalism and I would like some insight to his beef with Alex Olson.

  15. Koston’s a kook. He is just extremely talented, but I wouldn’t say he “revolutionized” anything. He took what was already around him and did it better. That’s cool, I’ll give him that… but “revolutionize” he def. did not. You need to open your eyes and not believe everything Nike sells/tells you.

  16. I justed watched the TWS 5boro day with clip, and WTF. NYC skating should not be 80% park footage. The other 20% was flat in front of a store. I am working on a Kickstarter for a real NY skate movie. I am down for collabos, and input. I dont know much about making a movie, but I have a unique point of view and a knowledge of certain neglected neighborhoods that need to be featured in a video. Heavy Uptown skating, with a Mixtape feel. New York straight talk americas best.

  17. So anyways, to further explain, If ur good at reading any kind of subtext to kostons epicly laterd, he was a hated superAM when he was coming up and didnt really recieve respect or acclaim from his peers until mouse happened even though every trick he was doing was pinnacle, sounds familiar? and im sure if you were ever to go back in history pre-girl you’ll easily find arguments against him that are exactly the same as the ones made about nyjah.

    He was, and to some degree, still is a full on contest skater that made a point to do every kooky contract and every contest he possibly could. He signed onto 90s and early 00 era monster energy type deals in companies like oakley.

    If you like koston and dont skimp on the details, every argument you could ever leverage against p.rod and nyjah is null. And since koston is cut from the same cloth nyjah and p.rod are (pinnacle tricks and money contracts) you should probably like them too. Their careers are exactly the same. The only difference is that koston is farther along his.

  18. If you subtract kostons from skateboarding you get the same progression. He does pinnacle tricks, but he wasnt revolutionizing anything.

  19. i am not a koston stan but he was never, ever comparable to nyjah in the slightest. the latter was born and bred to be a kook, koston was ill as shit right from the beginning.

  20. You dont actually know thats how most people felt during the time he was coming up, you got a very filtered epicly laterd when it came to his earlier years and there were some not so subtle undertones lurking beneath the surface.

  21. @Philmore so you’re saying that Koston (in Falling Down, for example) was a kooky SoCal version of what Mark Gonzalez, Carroll, and Henry Sanchez had, in fact, revolutionized?

  22. Those doubting Koston’s importance need to watch his part in Falling Down, understand it was filmed in 1993, and proceed to shut the fuck up.

  23. i’ve been skating since before anyone knew koston’s name, he was never perceived the same way as nyjah is. actually there was no one back then who was comparable to nyjah at all, there were no contest kooks whose moms handled their PR duties and the dudes who were progressing the most were universally regarded as the best and they were perceived to be the farthest thing from kooks (e.g., carroll, sanchez). and yeah, falling down was nuts back then and it’s still super good.

  24. @carbonite: pretty much.

    @jessica: youd be overplaying his impact and downplaying plan b and blind if you were trying to say that. Falling down is a great video but koston wasnt doing the kind of heavy lifting some of his peers were doing at that time.

    I dont think the dude reached his stride or got the respect he probably felt he deserved until mouse, and full acceptance from people after chomp. It was a different era but make no mistake, he is of the same style as p.rod and nyjah. People like p.rod, nyjah, and shane oniell are only one company change and chomp on this part away from trancendentance.

    he did every contest imaginable. As will arnett has been famously said, “X-games three time medalist”, competed in 5, i bet u if there was a dew tour in the 90s he wouldve done it too. Oakley sounds really core when you say it out loud right?

    Im not saying koston is a bad skater because he was amazing, im just just saying he had most of the tendencies p.rod and nyjah had and was left unscathed because he came up pre-internet and skateboarding was only starting to form its opinion on contests and contracts with big companies and nyjah and p.rod are doing the same kindof progression koston was when he was coming up. i think if u like koston and simultaneously bash either of those two, it doesnt add up.

  25. mouse was koston’s best part and peak as far as being “a skater’s skater” (hard tricks, good trick selection, good spots, edited to good music) but guy’s part in the same video was way better. koston could always do every trick but guy was a genius and got freaky. even at the time we never got how koston got soty over guy…guesses included: koston grinded a few gnarlier things in his part, koston was whiter/more thrasher friendly than guy at that time, koston’s big es shoe was coming out through sole tech while kareem had yet to release any shoes, etc.

    also i agree that koston’s always been really good but mildly uncool. the chasm isn’t as big as it is w/ nyjah today, but it’s the same vibe. koston’s raging insecurity has always been out there, and has always given me second hand embarrassment. even his whole “beam the camera, dork trick” thing has always been his way of showing that he can do circus tricks but won’t make the jump to doing uncool tricks until they’re cool again (combo grinds, boneless/beanplants, overly tech flip tricks, etc)

  26. I dont hate koston, i just think you guys have some fantasy version of his career in your head that never existed.

  27. ” Koston is his own genre of skating. He revolutionized line skating. ”

    (A few comments up…)

    Did you write that with a straight face? BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA

  28. Dill is a great skater but an insufferable windbag. Good riddance LA can have him. Kids wearing vests looking mad toy.

  29. “mad toy”

    “mad toy”

    “mad toy”

    and you’re british

  30. I enjoy the back and forth discusions on form and style, in regards to the technique and styles expressed through the medium of skateboarding. So if you have something to add, whether positive or negative, I appreciate and will try to understand where you are coming from. But if all one is interested in is talking shit about ones choice of adjectives and adverbs, then that is mad toy.

    And fuck two chains, ti, lil wayne, french montanan, and tyga.

    Big L rest in peace.

  31. yo Ock ox carrier, Big L been dead, get over it, tity boi is funny as hell, or is you too flamboyent to have a good time?
    if big L never got murked 9/11 wouldn’t have happened, and we could still skate world trade benches. Newport would still be skateable. And the philospher would go to AA and stop rambling about whether or not rich kids are allowed to ride skateboards

    if gucci never got the his ice cream face tat the TF would still have the inkwell box.
    you a stoopid muv

  32. I took the J train to new 2NTR in BK (cuz L was closed). Far skate from J down Flushing. The L to Morgan is way closer.

  33. I’m not over it, if you couldn’t tell. Longboards are here to say, but that doesn’t make it any better. How would you feel if the majority of the skaters that are covered in the media no longer see progression, style, or originiality as important. Instead the focus was on celebrity clips, wearing colorful outfits, and longboarding. Thats how I feel about what happened to my beloved hip hop.

    Iggy Azalea (who makes my dick move) talks about Rap music getting back to its roots. She want more dance routines like she used to see in the old school classics like “Get Your Freak On”.

    Knowledge reigns supreme over nearly everybody.

    Im here to help.

  34. Yeah except everything youre saying is a given. If the better members of DITC were still alive rap music would probably be a little different. But probably not, All the shit your talking about, things we enjoy (skatboarding, hip hop, etc..) aren’t fringe activities anymore. Busta Rhymes in mountain dew comercials while some dude is skating a natty vert ramp on top of a sky scrapers are a pretty good indication that its been done for a minute. when it was small it was good, when the money comes in, so do the kooks. I’m gonna keep skating and listening to wu tang regardless of wether its “cool”. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the garbage thats out there (i’m lookin at you bad gal riri) and have fun.
    and by the way nothing says hip hop back to its roots like an australian white girl rapping on some dirty south shit

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