Dre’s Tapes — Drop Offs Volume 7


Recently had the pleasure of sitting alongside Andre Page, legendary front shove-r and loving father to 75% of the people involved with this skateboarding media web institution, and going through his abundance of unorganized footage from the past spring. Light on the Matt Perez commentary, but a good bit of gems on there + some non-Dre extras. Who even uses real cameras anymore, yaknow?

Light on the music to play under the skate noise this time around, BUT recently got looped into an airport bar debate about who out there has taken a harder L than Meek Mill, and the only candidate was Ja Rule. Seems fair, except that with history being our greatest teacher, everyone knows Ja Rule’s value on today’s nostalgia circuit ended up running for way more than 50’s. Kinda hard to picture 2016’s budding tween Instagram models dancing to the Dreams and Nightmares intro by the time they’re old enough to use their real IDs, but Biebel diddd skate to both of them in parts, sooo maybe Meek Millothy has some good fortune headed his way.

Anyway, this one is basically a punchline at this point, but it got a lot of burn in the summer when he cut the braids, and we relaunched QS, which coincidentally, was six years ago last week. Jesus.

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Winter Blues — Drop Offs Volume 6

drop offs

As we approach the coldest depths of winter (first full snowstorm is projected to touch down on Saturday), we dug back into the autumn months to uncover cutting room scraps bound put smiles on chapped faces. We’re not going to sit here and pretend that the last Christmas clip wasn’t a bit uneventful, but it’s hard to pin down a vibe you’ve been running for the past ten years when it’s sixty-three degrees outside in December. Not that we’re complaining anyway. Especially not now :(

Here’s some leftovers from those sessions, rife with Perez soundbytes :)

Also: To any out-of-town readers looking to make The Switch™ and move to New York to Make It™ this spring, keep in mind that the section between ~3:25-5:00 most adequately depicts what modern skateboarding south of 14th Street is like.

Gotta come clean here: Haven’t listened to Future once since the new Travie touched the LiveMixtapes homepage yesterday morning. Just as Music Money Magnums was more essential to getting the QS office through a shit winter 2011 than even the raging peak-Tity Boy run, 285 is smiles all around. Greatest and most consistent happy rap group in the history of happy rap — though this one has a bit more solemn moments than usual. Embedding “What’s Going On” for the Mannie Fresh on “Everybody Get Your Roll On” flow though…

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That’s My Best Friend — Drop Offs Volume 5

best friend

Here are all of the outtakes from the summer. General street cruising, the tricks after 56 from the European tour that weren’t as crazy, a few non-HVX “Core” b-sides, and of course, a good bit of babbling on behalf of none other than recent high school graduate, Matthew Perez.

In the event that you need some music, feel free to throw some of Young Dro’s sadly undervalued recent tear over the skate noises. (Maybe not “sadly,” since it’s been pretty impossible to shine through the dense fog of Future-Future-Young Thug-Future-Future these past twelve months.) Just make sure you don’t start it until maybe the 1:20 mark, as you might miss some pretty priceless quoteables otherwise :)

Loosely Related / ICYMI: Johnny Wilson uploaded an extended HD video blog entry on Wednesday to make up for the fact that he hasn’t been making clips for the ♥ in recent times…

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‘I Don’t Know What To Do Man’ — Drop Offs Volume 4


Photo via Chachi

After Wednesday’s highly #controversial interview, it felt necessary for us to return to what we do best — and this is, of course, what a noted magazine publisher once described as “random, insignificant, or unimpressive skating” :)

Below are all the outtakes that got left over from spring via the “Start of Summer” clip, plus a few clips from the winter. Chief Keith, Puerto Rico, Houston Street construction (obviously), long 5050s, Alexander Olson doing a number of exceptional backside kickflips, midtown evenings, and of course, the star of all “Drop Offs” installments, Matthew Perez (depicted above.)

There’s oddly less talking than usual, and if you need some tunes for viewing, any number of Fetty Wap sleepers should get you through the weekend, if not the entire summer. Have a good one.

P.S. The Go Skate Day set-up at Tompkins is crazy.

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‘Hella Sexts’ – QS Drop Offs, Volume 3

drop offs 3

Fab once famously stated that he doesn’t bring problems from the nineties in the two thou’. We’ve been abiding by similar principles. There’s not much use in bringing footage from 2014 into 2015. That shit is dead, b.

(As an added bonus to The Great 2014 Footage Purge of January 2015, I also somehow coerced Johnny Wilson into sending over the Paych extras since he no longer has any use for VX1000 footage. That’ll be online in a week or so.)

Below is the stuff that was leftover from filming for the Christmas clip. Antonio warm-ups, bananas, night sessions, how exactly someone managed to break four boards within a twenty-minute span, parkour, and of course, Matt Perez losing his bagel.

No music, but if you need some tunes, what else is worth listening to these days besides Rich Gang? (That’s not actually an *official* release, contrary to what it says.)

P.S. Apologies for downtime yesterday. Comment or email if you’re still having issues.

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