Dre’s Tapes — Drop Offs Volume 7


Recently had the pleasure of sitting alongside Andre Page, legendary front shove-r and loving father to 75% of the people involved with this skateboarding media web institution, and going through his abundance of unorganized footage from the past spring. Light on the Matt Perez commentary, but a good bit of gems on there + some non-Dre extras. Who even uses real cameras anymore, yaknow?

Light on the music to play under the skate noise this time around, BUT recently got looped into an airport bar debate about who out there has taken a harder L than Meek Mill, and the only candidate was Ja Rule. Seems fair, except that with history being our greatest teacher, everyone knows Ja Rule’s value on today’s nostalgia circuit ended up running for way more than 50’s. Kinda hard to picture 2016’s budding tween Instagram models dancing to the Dreams and Nightmares intro by the time they’re old enough to use their real IDs, but Biebel diddd skate to both of them in parts, sooo maybe Meek Millothy has some good fortune headed his way.

Anyway, this one is basically a punchline at this point, but it got a lot of burn in the summer when he cut the braids, and we relaunched QS, which coincidentally, was six years ago last week. Jesus.

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