Snack or Die III

This is what we’ve been waiting for, a weather widget in the sidebar?

The extent of QS3 exists behind the scenes of Quarter Snacks. The older version of the website was run on an immensely outdated version of WordPress that was too old to comfortably upgrade, in addition to the fact that the layout was more-or-less stuck in 2002, and the least-flexible thing in the world. So, the changes, while not too immense on the surface, make updates run smoother, all within the confines of one content management system, which yes, will result in an overall more frequent string of updates. Either way:

1. The “Words” portion of the website has been integrated within the standard archive, which is accessible via the category links on the side. The videos can be accessed through the “Complete Video Archive” link or the “Footage” category link if you want to see the clips within the context of their original post. The entire archive was slowly updated to both Vimeo and YouTube, and the direct download links remained. You can find everything on the complete archive.

2. Everything now has tags, so if you’re looking for all of the posts with a “Quote of the Week”, or have a schoolgirl crush on Jake Johnson, you can find their tag and find every post they were mentioned in.

3. The “Complete Text Archive” link has a complete list of all the posts on the website by date (year and then month), so it is a lot easier to find archived posts back to 2006.

4. Same old infamous QS-comment board, but now you can utilize Gravatars, so you can totally have a picture of Lady Gaga next to your username every time you want to post while talking shit about Matt Mooney. Sign up for one here.

5. The Spots section has been completely overhauled. Google Maps, directions-to options, Light boxes (i.e. no pop-ups anytime you look at detail pictures), and neighborhood-based organization included.

6. New clip in less than 48 Hours.

7. A few Saturdays back, I was standing with Boss Bauer in front of Rosario’s at one in the morning discussing the ever-increasing ubiquity of Twitter. His verdict was “the site is good enough as is, you don’t need a Twitter.” I happened to agree with him, but integrated a feature that we have come to love from both Twitter and Facebook Mobile Uploads into the sidebar of QS. Probably the most revolutionary addition in QS3, is the “Quarter-Diary” category, which essentially enables us to upload photos to the sidebar, from our phones, of all sorts of stupid shit from, well, the streets. You can view the archive for it here from when I was testing it out over the past two weeks while finishing up the website.

8. Speaking of Twitter, there is officially a, but solely for the purpose of subscribing to posts. We cannot simply ignore technology, and a lot of people find their internet content through Twitter these days. So, follow QS so you can get an automatized update every time something new goes up on the site. It is rigged so it posts from WordPress automatically, so no, you will not be getting any opinions on the finale of Lost or Iron Man 2 or “OMG SO BOREEEDD” messages if you choose to follow it.

9. There’s always the Facebook page though. People seem to have less of a moral dilemma with Facebook than with Twitter.


Back off in the kitchen working with a chicken, you get sixty-three grams for like twelve fifty



  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself the weather thing has already changed my life but then again my life is not very exciting

    – x

  2. Looking forward to more frequent updates!

    I can’t spend too much time on the spots page due to jealousy. One day I hope to make it to New York and roll on all that diamond plated steel.

    Thanks for providing such entertaining content all these years.

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