‘Hella Sexts’ – QS Drop Offs, Volume 3

drop offs 3

Fab once famously stated that he doesn’t bring problems from the nineties in the two thou’. We’ve been abiding by similar principles. There’s not much use in bringing footage from 2014 into 2015. That shit is dead, b.

(As an added bonus to The Great 2014 Footage Purge of January 2015, I also somehow coerced Johnny Wilson into sending over the Paych extras since he no longer has any use for VX1000 footage. That’ll be online in a week or so.)

Below is the stuff that was leftover from filming for the Christmas clip. Antonio warm-ups, bananas, night sessions, how exactly someone managed to break four boards within a twenty-minute span, parkour, and of course, Matt Perez losing his bagel.

No music, but if you need some tunes, what else is worth listening to these days besides Rich Gang? (That’s not actually an *official* release, contrary to what it says.)

P.S. Apologies for downtime yesterday. Comment or email if you’re still having issues.

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