The Events That Defined New York City Skateboarding in 2012: 20-16


Big news of the day: Google Maps is back for iPhones. Did anyone ever try going on a road trip with that Apple Maps app? It was horrible. Anyway, here is the second installment of our “Year in Review” series. Previously: #s 25-21.

20. Stuy Town Rail Becomes a Normal Spot

New York’s main contribution to the “skateboarding is beginning to look like rollerblading” theory (see: recent advancements in ledge dancing, 16-flat-16 handrails) was this rail’s transition into something people actually skated the whole way down. Before, it was only utilized for quick grind-to-pop-in tricks on the handicap ramp (Alex Olson does a feeble pop over on it in the Pretty Sweet bonus section) and near-death experiences for those attempting to slide the entire thing (Kerel Roach in the 2004 ABC video / maybe Remedy.) In the past year plus, Kevin Tierney boardslid it, Jonathan Ettman 5050ed it and some Australian will lipslide it next summer. (Sorry for all the parenthetical asides…)

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Peter Ramondetta ‘Since Day One’ Remix

“It’ll probably be edited to Bone Thugs or some shit.” — “Quartersnacks” Google Alert from the Slap message board discussing the Ramondetta remix. One of the finer moments in QS Google Alert history.

No, it’s not edited to Bone Thugs. But it is edited to something equally irreconcilable with any soundtrack expectations you’d have for a Peter Ramondetta part, much in the tradition of that time Westgate went to Mars. Considering No Way Out holds “First CD I ever bought in my life” status for a sizable portion of the Quartersnacks front office, utilizing one of its better-known moments is long overdue. Anyone could hypothetically skate to this song. It doesn’t discriminate. (P.S. One last Real Since Day One clip with *unseen* footage coming soon.)

Alternate YouTube Link: Colossal sized Picassos

A San Francisco Skate Part By A New York Skate Site

Between the Rick Ross cameo, the (admittedly odd) match-up of the “Song of 2011” and Brandon Westgate, a foray into what No Limit’s creative direction would have been had it taken up an interest in skateboarding circa 1996, and recession anthems, we kinda ran the full-course with rap music re-edits. At least for this one time. Though Busenitz and 2 Chainz both do both end with a “z,” so there’s that. (2 Boardz?)

Here’s a more soulful rendition of Dennis Busenitz’s Since Day One part (that seemed to have worked for S.F. videos in the past.) Real is also holding a poll over on their Facebook page for the next and maybe last part from Since Day One that you would like to see edited to “Cashing Out” (kidding) remixed by Quartersnacks. Democracy only works when people participate, so go over there and vote, because you guys all blew it on the voting for the Fred Gall thing and let the kids win.

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Previously: Ishod Wair SDO remix, SDO DVD extras re-edit

DON’T FORGET: Vote for the next QS Since Day One Remix

First Re-Edit of 2012

…will be from one of the bigger videos of 2011. Ever since the last one, a handful of people assumed that every major video would receive an obnoxious QS remix treatment, despite the fact we’ve only touched two of the five thousand videos released between spring 2009 and today (three parts from Emerica’s Stay Gold and the extras to Since Day One.) The next one is in honor of Ishod Wair turning pro last month. It’s great to see South Jersey/Philly (well, northeast in general) kids get on the national radar and their names on boards from respected companies. With the amount of insane skating going on these days, too many of them often live as local/YouTube legends, or as “that kid who did such-and-such down *insert a famous east coast spot.*” Congratulations to Ishod for achieving a much-deserved pro status.

Not that there was anything wrong with the James Brown staple used in the original part, but we had to switch it to be a bit more absurd than most skate videos tend to go these days. Teaser below. Our remix drops on Friday, January 27th. That way, you can go skate all day, and do the whole “Ciroc boys” thing all night.

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Ayy Puffy, stop making those ‘I Miss J. Lo’ records!”

Way Too Real Re-Edit

Here’s one for for all those fretting about Since Day One only utilizing the most visible post-millenial Too Short song: a re-edit of a small chunk of the video via the DVD extras, set to nothing but Too Short (and Ant Banks) songs from the nineties. There was originally a much more insane concept proposed for this particular video by our creative directors, possibly involving the fabled Tiesto edit that everyone is waiting for…Instead, we called Ant Banks to see what’s up, and given that this site does not often utilize music from the west coast (exceptions here), despite not really having any sort of bias against it, it became a golden opportunity to make up for lost time. So here you go, the Bay’s most legendary skateboard company coupled with its most iconic poet: Vimeo, YouTube.

Be sure to give your Since Day One DVD a whirl if you haven’t revisited it recently (in hindsight, Ramondetta probably has the best part…not sure what the message board consensus on that one was upon release.) Also, give your Baby Steps DVD a watch if you’re lucky enough to own one. Its credits song is “Just Another Day” and it all-around has one of the best soundtracks ever. Holler at the homeboy Gary Payton after you’re done.