The Events That Defined New York City Skateboarding in 2012: 20-16


Big news of the day: Google Maps is back for iPhones. Did anyone ever try going on a road trip with that Apple Maps app? It was horrible. Anyway, here is the second installment of our “Year in Review” series. Previously: #s 25-21.

20. Stuy Town Rail Becomes a Normal Spot

New York’s main contribution to the “skateboarding is beginning to look like rollerblading” theory (see: recent advancements in ledge dancing, 16-flat-16 handrails) was this rail’s transition into something people actually skated the whole way down. Before, it was only utilized for quick grind-to-pop-in tricks on the handicap ramp (Alex Olson does a feeble pop over on it in the Pretty Sweet bonus section) and near-death experiences for those attempting to slide the entire thing (Kerel Roach in the 2004 ABC video / maybe Remedy.) In the past year plus, Kevin Tierney boardslid it, Jonathan Ettman 5050ed it and some Australian will lipslide it next summer. (Sorry for all the parenthetical asides…)

19. Real’s Since Day One Has Unforeseen Influence on Under-21 Fashion

ishod chima

Real never seemed too concerned with skateboard fashion. The company seems to fancy itself as more of a straightforward skateboard enterprise than a fashion consultancy that specializes in say, flattering shades of corduroy. Which is why trend analysts were surprised to learn that Real’s last video, Since Day One, did in fact cause ripples in the #trendwatch a year after its release, most notably among the 16-20 skater demographic. While the “beanie in 60+ degree weather” / “Creager look” was typically frowned upon in an east coast setting, Ishod Wair’s debut part ushered in acceptance for this weather-conflicted look. Chima Ferguson similarly convinced the younger 12th & A crowd to begin skating in sunglasses.

18. Sweet Paradise Closes

sweet paradise

A New York skateboarding year-in-review wouldn’t be complete without some acknowledgment of the always troubling, yet never completely irrelevant, Bar-muda Triangle. Sweet Paradise seemed like it had been on the verge of closing since 2009, but amazingly continued to trek on until finally shuttering this past February. The re-mapped triangle remains a debatable issue. Some contend that it has expanded to accommodate the even further away 169 Bar, while conservative thinkers insist the triangle has gotten smaller, and its southernmost point is now at *shudder*…Motor City.

remapped barmuda triangle

17. J.P’s Video Somehow Released


The difficulty of purchasing the immediately-sold-out Pretty Sweet DVD had some people second guessing the death of the DVD. Blockbuster skate videos, which now occur once a year, are not a telltale sign of the DVD’s pulse — skate videos by SVA students are. And there has been no greater sign of the hard copy skate video’s demise than J.P. releasing Outdated, and it not being followed up by some other School of the Visual Arts student’s trailer for a new video (due spring 2017.)

16. Jereme Rogers Loses His Mind in a New York Hotel Room

rogers daily news

In the first week of 2012, Jereme “Self Proclaimed Son of God” Rogers secured his infamy in the annals of New York tabloid journalism by becoming the first pro skateboarder to make it into the Daily News gossip column. Though many tabloid favorites trump Jereme’s achievement in that they’re on Page Six every other week, even Lindsay Lohan has yet to land a blurb for nakedly destroying a hotel room on PCP.

Bonus Mini Five — The Best Music Supervision of 2012:
5. Ginuwine “Pony” — Manny Santiano 9-10-11 Re-Edit Winner
4. Bob Seger “Night Moves” — Corey Kennedy in Pretty Sweet
3. Rihanna “Birthday Cake” — Juicy Elbows’ Sk8 or Die Promo
2. Some Garage SongPWBC “Sission” Bro Cam Clip
1. Sylvester “Do You Wanna Funk (Remix)” — Terry Kennedy, Jeff Lenoce, Theotis Beasley, etc. in Bake & Destroy


  1. Sylvester “Do You Wanna Funk (Remix)” — Terry Kennedy, Jeff Lenoce, Theotis Beasley, etc. in Bake & Destroy: The Best Music Supervision of all time.

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