First Re-Edit of 2012

…will be from one of the bigger videos of 2011. Ever since the last one, a handful of people assumed that every major video would receive an obnoxious QS remix treatment, despite the fact we’ve only touched two of the five thousand videos released between spring 2009 and today (three parts from Emerica’s Stay Gold and the extras to Since Day One.) The next one is in honor of Ishod Wair turning pro last month. It’s great to see South Jersey/Philly (well, northeast in general) kids get on the national radar and their names on boards from respected companies. With the amount of insane skating going on these days, too many of them often live as local/YouTube legends, or as “that kid who did such-and-such down *insert a famous east coast spot.*” Congratulations to Ishod for achieving a much-deserved pro status.

Not that there was anything wrong with the James Brown staple used in the original part, but we had to switch it to be a bit more absurd than most skate videos tend to go these days. Teaser below. Our remix drops on Friday, January 27th. That way, you can go skate all day, and do the whole “Ciroc boys” thing all night.

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Ayy Puffy, stop making those ‘I Miss J. Lo’ records!”


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