Way Too Real Re-Edit

Here’s one for for all those fretting about Since Day One only utilizing the most visible post-millenial Too Short song: a re-edit of a small chunk of the video via the DVD extras, set to nothing but Too Short (and Ant Banks) songs from the nineties. There was originally a much more insane concept proposed for this particular video by our creative directors, possibly involving the fabled Tiesto edit that everyone is waiting for…Instead, we called Ant Banks to see what’s up, and given that this site does not often utilize music from the west coast (exceptions here), despite not really having any sort of bias against it, it became a golden opportunity to make up for lost time. So here you go, the Bay’s most legendary skateboard company coupled with its most iconic poet: Vimeo, YouTube.

Be sure to give your Since Day One DVD a whirl if you haven’t revisited it recently (in hindsight, Ramondetta probably has the best part…not sure what the message board consensus on that one was upon release.) Also, give your Baby Steps DVD a watch if you’re lucky enough to own one. Its credits song is “Just Another Day” and it all-around has one of the best soundtracks ever. Holler at the homeboy Gary Payton after you’re done.


  1. Wavy. Listen (slightly off-topic), I’ve been wondering, why is there no link to the QS Rap Desk (i.e. posts thereof)?

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