A San Francisco Skate Part By A New York Skate Site

Between the Rick Ross cameo, the (admittedly odd) match-up of the “Song of 2011” and Brandon Westgate, a foray into what No Limit’s creative direction would have been had it taken up an interest in skateboarding circa 1996, and recession anthems, we kinda ran the full-course with rap music re-edits. At least for this one time. Though Busenitz and 2 Chainz both do both end with a “z,” so there’s that. (2 Boardz?)

Here’s a more soulful rendition of Dennis Busenitz’s Since Day One part (that seemed to have worked for S.F. videos in the past.) Real is also holding a poll over on their Facebook page for the next and maybe last part from Since Day One that you would like to see edited to “Cashing Out” (kidding) remixed by Quartersnacks. Democracy only works when people participate, so go over there and vote, because you guys all blew it on the voting for the Fred Gall thing and let the kids win.

Alternate YouTube Link

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DON’T FORGET: Vote for the next QS Since Day One Remix


  1. i know this is twenty years old but i’m just sitting in my candle lit room hoping you were properly compensated for making the best video part of dennis busenitz career

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