#QSTOP10 — November 10, 2023

People will sometime’s be like, “Everyone’s seen the intro already!” on weeks when the intro is particularly #viral (1M views and counting…) but try and find a funnier thing to happen on a skateboard this week.

Otherwise: a frantic tre flip, a pair of emphatically stomped tre flips, a lot from the Evisen x Pass~Port video, and incredible backside 180 nosegrind form.

Original Clips:


Intro via @b.333n [link]
10) Sam Sutton via EVISEN & PASS~PORT’s “HOT~POT” video [link]
9) Alex Elfving via Makke Bengtson’s “GrushöG” video [link]
8) Justin Hearn via Worldformation’s “HEARN” video [link]
7) Karl Salah via Arrow & Beast’s Kronos video [link]
6) Kotora Mitani via EVISEN & PASS~PORT’s “HOT~POT” video [link]
5) Ty Beall via Scumco & Sons’ “Scumco Bible Belt Tour” video [link]
4) Victor Campillo via Arrow & Beast’s Kronos video [link]
3) Stafhon Boca via Zach Baker’s “Coles; Stafhon” video [link]
2) Matthieu Lucas D’Souza via EVISEN & PASS~PORT’s “HOT~POT” video [link]
1) Seimi Miyahara via EVISEN & PASS~PORT’s “HOT~POT” video [link]


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