#QSTOP10 โ€” November 3, 2023

Jersey heavy-edition of the countdown. Shout out to Free for having a lot of the good shit this week 🔴 (Assuming that’s the first time an escalator, turnstile and elevator have been combined for a skate clip?)

Original Clips:


Intro via @shariwhite on IG [link]
10) Edgar Hernandez via Corey Rosson’s THIRD WORLD CUNTRY video [link]
9) Nick Boserio via OJ Wheels’ “When You Close Your Eyes What Is It You See” video [link]
8) Lawrence Ravail via Ace Trucks’ “RE(PLAY)CE” video [link]
7) Ryan Handel via Halloween Stickers Skateboards’ HSS# video [link]
6) Ron Deily via NJ Skateshop & Square Up part [link]
5) Tom Knox via “Tom Knox 600” commercial [link]
4) Sebastiaan Vijverberg via Jan Maarten Sneep’s “PRECIES NIKS” video [link]
3) Dylan Jaeb via “not dylan jaeb part” [link]
2) Liam McCabe via Halloween Stickers Skateboards’ HSS# video [link]
1) Shintaro Hongo via Timescan 2 part [link]


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