Scumco & Sons Bible Belt Tour

Words: Ronnie P
Photos: Mike Chinner
Video: Tristan Mershon
Squad: Kevin Taylor, Josh Narvaez, Ty Beall, Jake Baldini, Brian Downey, Justin Grzechowiak, Tristan Mershon, Mike Chinner
Special Guests: Matt Anderson, Giorgio Villone
Objective: Footy
Last to bed, first awake; cleaning and frying eggs: Josh
Glutathione Goo: Downey
50 pushups a day: Chinner’s whip
Beers and no A/C: Giorgio’s whip
Temperature: Hot
Verdict: Sweaty n Ready

Asheville: Handrail Country

Makes me think of: Breweries
Host with the most: Downey estate
DIY: A good time
Rednecks: They’re out there
Lance Mountain Art Show in the Back: Push Skateshop
That one dude downtown: wild’n out
Verdict: Worth a visit.

Ty Beall

Atlanta: Southern Delight

A.V.E. Bench: Last spotted at The Pantry DIY
Nollie Flip into fucking huge highway bank: Ty Beall
Ditch Spot: Water in the hole
Soundtrack: “Cracked House” – Koopsta Knicca
Ty’s VHS-C camera: R.I.P.
Southern Staple: Stratosphere
Bizarro John Dilo: Missed court date because he was picking up presentable pants from his homie’s house.
The aforementioned pants: Paint splattered Dickies
Verdict: Black Blocks BBQ

Justin Grzechowiak and Kevin Taylor

Brian Downey

Chattanooga: Cleveland of the South

Threads video premiere: Attended
Aquarium Spot: A fun time
2 VHS-C Cameras at Goodwill: $10
Old cars everywhere: We like that
Busted VHS: Blown up
Mosquitos: You bet your ass
Shoutout: Cassette Skateshop, Wil Harcrow, Alex Rose
Verdict: Sleeper Skate City

Josh Narvaez

Josh Narvaez

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