Five Favorite Parts With Chandler Burton

📝 Intro + Interview by Adam Abada
📷 Photo by Marco Hernandez

“I think I was in the best mindset of my skateboarding career – filming that part with Brandon.” This is what Chandler responded when asked how he distilled his skating into his sick new Q is for Cow part.

“Sponsor stuff was going on, and even after proving to myself with ‘Castle Freak‘ that I was pro on my own standards, it felt good to take all of my footage and not have it in any industry thing, and have it go to a homie video that made that much more from the heart.”

To see where Chandler’s heart is at, I had him rundown his favorite parts. And you know what, it seems like his heart is in the right place.


Antwuan Dixon — Baker 3 (2005)

This one’s sure number one. This part was super formative for me as a skateboarder in Costa Mesa – seeing someone with so much style. I had that part downloaded on my iPod video, actually. I swear it changed my style, skating and how I dressed for the rest of my life. There was a before and after Antuwan. Even going towards “scene” style at one point, I went back to Antwan. Baggy pants and big shirts.

Watching that tre flip open and the Biggie song — that was instantly my favorite part and skater. He’s still my favorite skater. I see that he’s around town [Los Angeles]. If I saw him in person I’d be so shy.

He’s a nollier – does all those nollie 180 tricks and nollie back lip. I’m a big nollie skater. The nollie heel on Carlsbad is insane. His arms are literally down.

Jeff Carlyle — GX1000: Roll Up (2018)

[Part begins @ 10:57]

We kind of have the same hairstyle, but I’m bald! Jeff does crazy shit on a skateboard that I’d never want to do. I don’t like putting my balls over rails like that, really; he’ll do a long rail or something. He’s one of the Costa Mesa legends from back in the day. I was kind of in and out of the local crew because I was battling drug addiction and coming out as gay, but Jeff was always super nice to me without me being part of that crew. I was in the skatepark a lot, and then watching this part I was like, “Ok, I want to skate street.” Which is a lot harder than the park! I sort of decided with this video, part and skating at that time that I wanted to try and be a skater professionally or whatever.

Eddie Cernicky — “Welcome to Krooked” (2019)

It’s a little weird being the “older” head from the local skatepark looking up to younger guys. But not really! Eddie Cernicky [and Jeff Carylle] are where I’m from, and I went to the video premiere of Into the Doldrums by Kris Burkhardt. That’s what got me back into the filming of parts. Now they’re up in S.F. and are the GX homies; anything they do, I’m inspired by.

Eddie’s Krooked parts have a lot of footage. He looks like he surfs – but in a really cool way. His legs bend out in this …way. Sorry Eddie! There’s commitment.

Nick Boserio — Polar: We Blew It At Some Point (2019)

[Part begins @ 2:03]

Speaking of another bearded bitch that I look like… Anyone who’s tall and has a big beard — I’ve been told looks like me.

I had been watching so much unrelatable ledge skating for a while – I grew up off of a lot of that Chaz Ortiz stuff. I didn’t know who Nick was until Polar. It felt really relatable, because it wasn’t all these tech tricks but was all these simple tricks really fast. Really fast fifties, really fast 5-0s, really fast crookeds. It was a lot of raw power. Not that all the above skaters don’t have that, but Nick is just like a fucking bowling ball. He looks all crazy before he does his tricks. There’s a relatableness to that. And he also seems happy and like he’s laughing, but he skates so aggressively.

Sammy Baca — Baker 4 (2019)

This is my number two [favorite part]. I had quit skating for a sec, and was getting tattoos and working at a rehab center – I guess this was a bit after that – but Baca’s part from Baker 4 changed my whole view of it all. His style and what he skates is so good. And the fucking noseslide shuv on that rail, of course.

I’ve met him since, and it’s wild we’ve become friends – that part was so important to me. He just does a manual, bombs a hill and just looks so good and cool. When he hits his head on the roof and goes back and gets it, that’s what skateboarding is. That happened to me on my Q is for Cow ender. I fucked my foot up and couldn’t skate for two months dropping in on that roof. That was who I aspired to skate like when I was getting back into skating again with Unity and all my friends in Huntington Beach.

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