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The elusive Geo Moya sighting + a Leo Heinert Pyramid Ledges banger in the new promo for Rodney Torres’ Torro Skateboards brand.

“Money flies.” Felipe Munhoz is the latest subject of Skate Jawn‘s “$100 Chill” feature, shot in the waning days of the O.G. Tompkins flat. He makes everything look way too easy.

Melodi has a quick new New York edit featuring Quinn Batley, Alan Bell, and Kyler Garrison. (Did you hear the barricades are gone at the East Broadway and Division manny pad?)

Frog Skateboards shared an extended 10+ minute raw reel of Chris Milic’s footage from Daniel Dent’s 2020 video, With The Apple.

Hefty Krew has a recap of 2023’s Battle 4 The Bronx competition at the River Avenue Skatepark.

Matthias Bednorz and Martynas Katauskas star in “Two Worms, One Apple” by Levent Efe, a “Summer Trip to New York” edit by some Place mag homies.

Adidas shared an extended edit from their east coast tour featuring the majority of their team. (Yes, even Daewon skating outside of SoCal!) Shout out to them for completely skipping NYC.

COMMONWEALTH is the new video by Ian Bulling, filmed largely in the Cincinatti and northern Kentucky area, with a New York section thrown in at the start. Good hometown vibes and tons of midwestern crust. “I glide like …Shakira.”

Boston-based videographer, Jason Jenkins (maybe you remember the “Jenkins Log” series?) has began sharing some nostalgic raw files from the Boston scene over on his YouTube. The first is a late-2000s Aquarium edit.

“When I hear Belle & Sebastian it takes me to the world Dan Magee created with his videos. When I hear De La Soul’s ‘Eye Know,’ I’m immediately a 15-year-old kid watching Daewon kill it in his New World Order part. If you’re a filmmaker, I think you’d want to have that experience of having that effect on your audience.” Village Psychic interviewed Josh Stewart, one of the full-length skate video’s greatest evangelists, about a question that has been asked for fifteen years now, with us no closer to the answer: “is the full-length video dead?”

ICYMI: Trevor Thompson’s Static VI part went live on Thrasher.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Twelve and a half minutes of Nick Matthews odds ‘n ends.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Chet Holdgren in 1.6 seconds to send it into overtime. (Yes, OKC would go on to win the game.)

Quote of the Week 🗣 “What’s your name again? Street Trash?” — Guy Meeting Sweet Waste for the Second Time

Worth your time if you didn’t catch it on Place. Same dude as the #3 on Top 10 last week. Sorry to give away the ender, but have never seen some shit like that ever.

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