Street Struck — Daniel Galli’s ‘CULTURA’ Video

If there’s one phenomenon we at QS have spent covering more than any other during our 400 years in the business, it’s Summer Trip To New York™ videos.

If there’s one phenomenon we’ve spent covering more than that, it’s Summer Trip To New York™ videos that are edited to Big L.

What we haven’t done — ever before, somehow, someway — is properly hosted or presented a Summer Trip To New York™ video that’s edited to Big L.

That is, until today. A special day, that’s for sure.

If you’ve watched a Lisbon or Brazil-based video on Free in the past ~five years, there’s a sizable chance that the prolific lensman behind that video is Daniel Galli. This past summer, Daniel and his homie Andre Costa hit New York for a vacation, only to discover that a bunch of their Portuguese-speaking colleagues were already on deck.

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Everything But The Clip

The elusive Geo Moya sighting + a Leo Heinert Pyramid Ledges banger in the new promo for Rodney Torres’ Torro Skateboards brand.

“Money flies.” Felipe Munhoz is the latest subject of Skate Jawn‘s “$100 Chill” feature, shot in the waning days of the O.G. Tompkins flat. He makes everything look way too easy.

Melodi has a quick new New York edit featuring Quinn Batley, Alan Bell, and Kyler Garrison. (Did you hear the barricades are gone at the East Broadway and Division manny pad?)

Frog Skateboards shared an extended 10+ minute raw reel of Chris Milic’s footage from Daniel Dent’s 2020 video, With The Apple.

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The Good Times of Yesterday, Today — Pangea Jeans & John Shanahan’s ‘ROADRAGE’ Video

The old proverb goes something like, “Yeah, now well, the thing about the old days is… they the old days.”

Yet for all the handwringing that gets done about things changing and spots disappearing, there sure are a lot of remaining markers of the old days for nostalgia exercises. Take for instance “ROADRAGE,” the new edit from John Shanahan’s Pangea Jeans imprint, filmed on the same camera they probably filmed Real’s Non Fiction video on in 1996. In it, you’ll find the Battery Park three-stair that Gino nollie back heeled in The Chocolate Tour (with a Las Nueve Vidas De Paco-looking nollie backside flip floating down it.) The Greenwich Street windowsill ledges where Harold Hunter did the sweaty backside heelflip at! Tricks at the upper portion of Pyramid Ledges! The L.A. Department of Water and Power Building! The past is — at a bare minimum — thriving.

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