Street Struck — Daniel Galli’s ‘CULTURA’ Video

If there’s one phenomenon we at QS have spent covering more than any other during our 400 years in the business, it’s Summer Trip To New York™ videos.

If there’s one phenomenon we’ve spent covering more than that, it’s Summer Trip To New York™ videos that are edited to Big L.

What we haven’t done — ever before, somehow, someway — is properly hosted or presented a Summer Trip To New York™ video that’s edited to Big L.

That is, until today. A special day, that’s for sure.

If you’ve watched a Lisbon or Brazil-based video on Free in the past ~five years, there’s a sizable chance that the prolific lensman behind that video is Daniel Galli. This past summer, Daniel and his homie Andre Costa hit New York for a vacation, only to discover that a bunch of their Portuguese-speaking colleagues were already on deck.

As if you needed any further evidence of the otherworldly skateboard abilities of Felipe Munhoz, his ender in this video was the FIRST thing they filmed on this trip. It inspired everything that followed, which included a trip down to Philadelphia and Washington D.C. to hit all the spots that these dudes had yet to make the pilgrimage out to.

Summer Trip To New York™ edits are beautiful because they coat the things that locals take for granted with the enthusiasm of a first timer. You could literally feel how much fun these dudes are having through the screen — in a way that doesn’t really come through when you’re making your third trip back to Polish Park to be moral support for your homie doing some soul-destroying ledge-drop-manny combo.

This one definitely fits that special criteria ♥

Features Yuri Facchini, Felipe Munhoz, Gui Silva, Andre Costa, Brad Saunders, Gabriel Madra.

Filmed and edited by Daniel Galli.

Artwork by Gui Pardo.


  1. Help solve a conundrum:

    is QS the New York Mag of skateboarding


    is QS the New Yorker of skateboarding

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