It Was the Best of Flat, It Was the …Best of Flat

Something for the mansion-having sauna soakers out there: Naquan Rollings has a new, mostly New York montage out, entitled “$$$four.” Neil Herrick’s double-bar 5050 on the Manhattan side of the Queensboro Bridge bikepath is so sick. Saw marks on it early this summer and wondered if anything besides a bonk had been done.

The Say You Swear podcast chatted with Bronze mastermind, Peter Sidlauskas, for over two hours in their latest episode.

Jahmal Williams is the latest subject of Lookback Library’s cover discussions series, recounting his memories of three different covers, from three different decades.

Stu Kirst rides for Baker.

“Sure, why not bring all four of your children to some urine-soaked ten-set so they can get a glimpse of where it was and what it took for their father to wind up there.” Simple Magic talks about the importance of knowing how one got there in its latest dispatch — there being the cover of a Thrasher magazine, of course.

Joey Marrone has a quick mini part that’s heavy on the Muni footage to celebrate the Nocturnal x Asics shoe that’s dropping. Half cab crook revert down the rail was perfect.

Jeff Cecere dropped a teaser for his upcoming video. Run back Mind How You Go today, why don’t you.

“We build these structures from such dense materials — stone, concrete — and yet, with enough time, even raindrops and weeds can turn them to dust if they are not nurtured. It’s a beautiful dance.” NZ’s Manual magazine has an awesome interview with Lorna Goldfinch about her series of paintings depicting iconic skate spots in all their colorful beauty.

Our friends at Place magazine lurked around the Dime Live in Paris event and talked to the attendants for the latest installment of their PlaceTV segment.

The Bunt‘s latest is with Hermann Stene.

“All alone, no money on the line, but for sure your life.” Boil the Ocean ponders just how much gnar is too much gnar.

“When I was a kid, [Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater] made me appreciate the unloved corners of where I came from — the industrial estate, the underground parking lot, the no man’s land beneath a bridge or beside a train station.” — “What I Learned About Cities From Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” via The New York Times.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Three minutes of Nik Stain + 4:20 from Jamie Platt + four minutes from Hjalte to round it out.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “That’d be a dope name for a band: Jerry Hsu.” — Stafhon Boca

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