#QSTOP10 — September 8, 2023

This week’s countdown was tough.

At our morning meeting, a simple question was asked: “How do we approach the Huf video?”

Some in the office felt an all-Forever countdown was in order, like had been done in the past for releases from Bronze, Polar, Limo, Sour, et al. Others were vehemently opposed to another all-one-video countdown. Variety is the Ice Spice of life, they said.

Words that cannot be taken back were exchanged. Honors of skaters who were not included were defended as if they were people’s spouses. Coffee cups were thrown. Recycling bins were hurled across the room. Boards left at the front door were focused on the way out.

It’s not like there weren’t fifty other clips in the Huf video that made us feel something — and what about the other releases from the week?! But even after a countdown was settled on, a fight between two QS teammembers erupted at the ensuing happy hour. (“HOW THE FUCK IS CYRUS’ ENDER NOT #1?!” “BECAUSE THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST FRONTSIDE FLIPS EVER DONE YOU FUCKWIT!”) They’re both currently suspended from duties, with revoked access to the complimentary roll of grip in our breakroom.

It’s only skateboarding — condensed within a silly web countdown, at that — but it’s safe to say that we could all use a break from skate videos until Monday.

Original Clips:


Intro via @coleykats on IG [link]
10) Sam Narvaez via HUF’s Forever video [link]
9) Salomon Cardnes via HUF’s Forever video [link]
8) Adrian Del Campo via Rave Skateboards part [link]
7) Isaac White via “Titus” part [link]
6) Brad Cromer via HUF’s Forever video [link]
5) Stepan Bares via SID’s “STA” video [link]
4) Dick Rizzo via HUF’s Forever video [link]
3) Hermann Stene via “Lille Rotta” part [link]
2) Mason Silva via HUF’s Forever video [link]
1) Cyrus Bennett via HUF’s Forever video [link]


Previously: September 1, 2023


  1. During heated debate was it mentioned that the Silva fakie hardflip was an homage (?) to John Igei in Static II?

  2. During heated debate was it mentioned that the Silva fakie hardflip was an homage (?) to John Igei in Static II?

  3. ^I think if Mason’s fakie hardflip line paid homage to anything, it’s Arto’s line at the same spot in Sorry (filmed almost exactly the same).

  4. Can someone with some connections get clarity for the people on this homage issue?

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