Reporting From the World’s Greatest Skate Spot — SID’s ‘STA’ Video

Five years ago, after returning from a trip to Prague, we reported that Stalin Plaza — by our estimations — is probably the greatest skate spot in the world. In the time since, we’re still confident in that superlative, and many friends who have gone on to make the pilgrimage themselves have echoed our review.

The SID crew out of Prague came onto our radar for the complete opposite reason. When we had been in the Czech capital, the locals that we crossed paths with tended to say “there’s spots …if you have a car” regarding places to skate beyond the plaza that looms over the city’s scene. SID’s August 2021 “Prager” edit was the first Prague video we recall that featured footage in the region from everywhere but Stalin Plaza (besides the ender.)

Today, we come full circle: an all-Stalin Plaza edit from that very same crew that caught our eye for avoiding it. Except rather than the EuroTech™-style skateboarding that is most immediately associated with the spot, they grapple with lesser-seen corners of the spot, traverse under-skated routes in its main section, and even skate the concrete border than encases the park itself.

You know a spot’s good when its three-plus decades in and the locals are still finding new ways to skate it ❤️

Features Stepan Bares, Frantisek Havranek, Adam Löfler, Ryuhei Kitazume, Marek Kocak, Jirka Hronek, Jakub Jiruska, Pepa Tipanic, and Kubo Spal. Animations by Tuan Trieu. Video by Dusan Simko.

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