#QSTOP10 — September 29, 2023

EDIT: #5 is Charlie Munro, not Dougie George. Our apologies to Mr. George. Part was great.

An ender as a #1 always feels like an anti-climactic way to go, but there was really only one thing it could be.

#latepass on #2, which is an absolutely nuts thing to just throw on the ‘gram, but wow.

Otherwise, a light-footed front nose dismount, a heavy-footed switch tre stomp, and the wrong way on Three Up Three Down.

Have a great weekend.

Original Clips:


Intro via @walkertexasbailey [link]
10) Brayan Albarenga via IG [link]
9) Tom O’Reily via “TOM & SEB” by Valentin Ferreira [link]
8) Sebastien Rolando via “TOM & SEB” by Valentin Ferreira [link]
7) Una Farrar via Shari White / Vans’ “Keepsake” video [link]
6) Marcus Shaw via “Marcus Shaw for éS” part [link]
5) Charlie Munro via “Periphery” part [link]
4) Bear Myles via Ace Trucks’ “Open Return” video [link]
3) Dustin Henry via Shari White / Vans’ “Keepsake” video [link]
2) @joeyskates10 via IG [link]
1) Giovanni Vianna via “RITORNA” part [link]


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