#QSTOP10 โ€” September 22, 2023

Exemplary fakie front crook form, third-eye-open wallrides, a line that would make Valdez proud, and one of the year’s finest noseslides. There was some contentious chatter in the lunchroom about whether or not that fade-away after the backside flip was iffy or not, but ultimately, it feels like a make.

Have a fantastic weekend 🐬

Original Clips:


Intro via @mat2pac on IG [link]
10) Andrew Reynolds via New Balance’s “480 – New Balance Numeric in Chicago” video [link]
9) Daisuke Ikeda via Bones Bearings part [link]
8) Willow Voges Fernandes via Bug Overseas [link]
7) Lil’ Dre via Thrasher‘s “Abonormal Communication – Episode 5” video [link]
6) Leo Baker via Nike SB “Leo Signature” part [link]
5) Adam Davies “4/4” part [link]
4) Aleka Lang via DC Shoes x Cash Only “Money Gun” video [link]
3) Lars De Weerd via “First Blood Part II” part [link]
2) Brooks Shuping via Ryan Tassi’s Townies video [link]
1) Louie Lopez via Noah’s “Future Man” part [link]


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  1. will the lunchroom please explain what else they might have expected to see if #5 hadn’t faded away?

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