How To Make A Skate Video — ‘Johnny’s Vid,’ The New Video From Johnny Wilson

Of all the wrestling-ass malarkey that we trick ourselves into doing, anticipating the footage of tricks on magazine covers — especially Thrasher covers — occupies a special place. Like, we watch the video mentally ignoring the fact we don’t already know what the ender is going to be. Louie Lopez alluded to it in his Village Psychic thing where he made clear his attempt to ensure the cover trick wasn’t the ender, but alas, it was.

Johnny Wilson, in his latest video endeavor (which arrives in the month that Beef Patty turns ten, fwiw), might’ve figured out the solution: just throw the cover trick at the start. Not like the ender of the first part, but literally the first thing in the video. That way, we could see it, and get on with the rest of the video without having to pretend that a Long Island genius doing a switch 360 flip noseblunt down a handrail isn’t the last thing we’re gonna see ❤️

That’s just one of many smart decisions Johnny makes in the video. Leaving the premiere, that was a theme. Smart decisions. Putting Antonio’s cover trick first, teasing Karim’s part right at the start but saving it for later, the continued reprise of Max’s bump-to-bar keyhole trick, Nik Stain’s song, etc. Just a lot of smart decisions, from start to finish.

It’s no secret that Johnny’s videos, along with Bronze videos, are the most fawned over things on the pages of this website. (And if the results of the 2021 Readers Poll were any indicator, the readership seems to follow suit.) Johnny’s Vid is no exception. Can’t wait for Johnathan’s Vid.

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