Quartersnacks Top 10 — March 17, 2017

qs top ten mar 17 2017

Gonna have to start breaking the habit of all these late starts to the post day ;) Got a lot of requests for the original intro clip from last week’s Top 10, so going to get into the habit of linking those under the original clips tab from hereon out.

Have a good weekend everyone ♥ Remaining QS hats are $15 ;)

Original Clips:


Intro — Via @mikey.glover [link] 10) Andrew Allen via Sk8 Locos Part [link] 9) Adrian Del Campo via Instagram [link 8) Pete Eldridge via Instagram [link] 7) Pedro Biago via Instagram [link] 6) Ty Beal via Venue’s Gospel video [link] 5) Danny Cerezini via Andalé Bearings’ “Brasilia Crew” video [link] 4) Kevin Shealy via Noise 2 [link] 3) Tiago Lemos via Andalé Bearings’ “Brasilia Crew” video [link]2 Davis McDonald via Colton Elrod’s Seasons video [link] 1) Louie Lopez via Instagram [link]


Previously: March 10, 2017

ALSO: While beginning preliminary research on our second book, Fuck It For Satan: A Complete History of New York Tail Drops & Roll-Ins (due out February 2018 on Columbia University Press)*, we remembered Franco’s seminal avant-garde part from last year’s BSA / Guys Who Skate McCarren video, which has been uploaded as a standalone clip below.

Merry Christmas…kinda


Merry Christmas to whoever woke up with the stolen Beamer logo off Dre’s car under their tree.

Hate to pile on to 2016’s seemingly infinite supply of bad news, but this is the first year that we’re not coming through with a full Christmas clip. Although the past two have admittedly lost the steam of say 2007’s tour de force, 2010’s G.O.A.T. or 2012’s shockingly productive fall — 2016 is the year when adult life caught up, and skateboarding in November/December outside of Tompkins or a skatepark just didn’t go down like it used to. Below are a few ~moody~ bits from the summer (!!!) to fill the place of a would-be Christmas clip.

Eleven years in a row of by-far the longest running annual web clip series ain’t so bad. Shout out to the O.G. Bryan Chin from who we ripped the idea off in the first place back in the early 2000s. Hope to make it back for the next one.

Features Daniel Kim, Connor Champion, Josh Velez, Andre Page, John Franco, Akira Mowatt, Matthew Perez, Lurker Lou, Keith Denley, Alexander Mosley, Thom Musso, Pryce Holmes. Filmed by Andre Page and Pad Dowd.

BUT, keep in mind that none of that may matter at all, since Dustin Henry’s Antisocial Video part is still around to warm your heart this holiday season. Congrats again to Dustin for winning our first annual Skater You Would Be Most OK With Your Daughter Dating Award! #perfectboy


Merry Christmas everyone. We’ll be back on Tuesday, December 27th.

Living Every Day Like It’s Spring Break


Had some leftover footage from the past couple trips + a few things that might’ve potentially ended up in the now [probably?] defunct QS Drop Offs series. Threw this # feel good # clip together :) It’s a spring-themed fall video, and though it has summer footage from foreign counties, we limited it to places where the summer feels like it does in the city right now (66 today!) Heard a new skatepark that took thirty years to complete just opened up, maybe see you guys over there later ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Features: Johnny Wilson, Josh Wilson, E.T, Tyler Warren, Vincent Touzery, Max Palmer, Matt Perez, Tyler Tufty, Charles Rivard, John Franco, Pad Dowd, Adam Zhu, Tico, Hjalte Halberg, Louie Lopez, Jack Greer, Andrew Wilson, Daniel Kim.

Contributing Filmers: Pad Dowd.

Also, gonna just leave this here…