Beef Patty is Now Online

beef patty

For the second week in a row, we are going to postpone Monday Links until Tuesday in order to feature an excellent New York-based skateboard video.

Johnny Wilson’s new video, Beef Patty, is now live on Vimeo. It’s from the same crew behind Video and Space Heater, and somehow on a whole level better than those past videos, which were both quite good themselves. All three came out in the past year-and-a-half, so how these dudes manage to get so much footage while avoiding familiar Manhattan trappings is pretty absurd (always nice to see a New York video without a single trick at the Courthouse Drop.) Add it to the rotation along with Solo Jazz, and pass the link on to any of your dumb friends who have ever given that “The skateparks are ruining skateboarding” speech.

New parts from Cyrus Bennett, Paul Tucci, Andrew Wilson, Loose Trucks Max, no apparent Corey Rubin sighting :( and appearances from a whole bunch of others. If you need an explanation as to how Loose Trucks Max got his name, please consult the close-up of the boardslide at the beginning of his part (15:30.)

You should also probably follow Johnny’s Vimeo account because he has a throwaway reel live on there every week or two.


  1. this vid was straight, nyc skaters where u cant see their weed socks thats whats good.

  2. i think you have a heightened sense of how many skaters that a) actually live in new york and b) actually skate wear those stupid weed socks

    get off the slap board and go outside

  3. bitches need to put a pair of me on and those dunk wedges might be fitting.

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