The Banshees of City Island

Had to run this one back 📷 Photo by Colin Sussingham

Scumco and Tristan Mershon present Striking Distance 2, their latest project featuring Jake Baldini, Dave Abair, Kyle Nicholson, the legend Jerry Mraz, the legend Kevin Taylor, and many of today’s most esteemed crust evangelists.

Will Rosenstock and Venue Skateshop present Ninetyfour, the latest full-ish length video from Bust Crew and the slice in time when the A.V.E. bench was in Richmond, Virginia.

Huge past week for Ty Beall, who had heavy footage across both of the aforementioned projects, in addition to this mini part for Pepper Grip.

Jake Todd’s Philly [and beyond] video, Devil’s Pocket, is now live in full.

“Bad day for the Canadian dollar, but a good day for me.” QS-fave Alexis Lacroix is the latest subject of Skate Jawn‘s “$100 Chill” feature, where $100 USD becomes $132 CAD.

Andrew Wilson, Una Farrar, and a bearded Bobby Worrest co-star in Tom Knox’s first S.F. video outing with Krooked.

Village Psychic’s “Watching _____ With ______” feature got Jeremy Elkin on the horn to provide commentary on Poisonous Products, the 2011 montage video filmed entirely in New York, and entirely consisting of lines โ€” a time capsule look at just how much has changed these past 10+ years, and how much has actually stayed the same.

Ben Chadourne uploaded a Paris edit of an old Polar trip with Oski, Paul Grund, and some exceptional Ville Wester switch noseslide form.

Quick lil’ commercial for Star Team x Hardbody collab.

Got a thread going on Twitter of everyone’s favorite skate shop tees in light of last week’s article. (For anyone bringing up Autumn: we tried to look into getting a ‘zine made of all the Autumn tees maybe nine or ten years ago, but a comprehensive archive seemed too elusive to proceed, even with commitments from some thorough collectors.)

It’s more than just tricks. The Skate Loop has a “look at some clips that are memorable, not necessarily for the tricks done, but for something like a kick-turn, a push, dodging a crack, etc.”

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 โ€” A few minutes from Dane Barker, and a few minutes of Austyn Gillette loosies.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 โ€” Myles Turner over Giannis. Can’t believe the playoffs are already around the corner.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Observant Gentleman: “I was at a wedding with Fat Joe once.”
Danny Brady: “I went to Burning Man with P. Diddy.”

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