Deep Dive — Dick Rizzo & Paul Young on Hi8 and East Coast Influences

Video, Interview & Intro by Farran Golding
Headline Photo by Tyler Cichy

The shared output of Dick Rizzo and Paul Young is cine-literature — one with touch points and tributes surrounding many of what we could call “heritage” east coast texts.

We touched on exactly that in regards to the pair’s Hi8 Half Cab project for Vans last summer. However, we took the investigation further, digging through the tapes and speaking to both Richie and Paul about the nuance, folklore, cellar doors and sessions with Uncle Freddy that underwrite their ode to what came before.

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  1. Quality Content. What kind of Hi-8 camera were you using Paul? Fun format to use anytime. Definitely hit a sentimental and nostalgic node for me. Seeing Dick’s approach to spots/trick selection transition in recent years has some crossover with Vincent Alvarez’ practice as well. Always nice to see Daher footage too!

    Thanks Snackman

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