A New Dick Rizzo & Paul Young Link-Up… in Glorious Hi-8

Dick Rizzo parts always contain their share of Easter egg nods to east coast skate history — whether it’s Mother‘s Bobbito shout-out and splice of The Photosynthesis Hamburger™ or Grand Prairie‘s desaturated, largely flip trick-less pursuit of spots that would’ve fit into a would-be Eastern Exposure 4.

And his latest, with Paul Young behind the lens + editing deck (Down By Law due out 2023!), stretches these nods into an entire concept. In other words, it’s a 2022 skate part that could seamlessly fit into a VHS tape of Peep This or opened any nineties Real video, and it comes with that glorious Hi-8 audio that P-Rod was talking about.

Includes cameos from Fred Gall and Joel Meinholz, but was expecting Quim Cardona to pop out of a curb cut doing a switch stalefish at literally any minute. Also includes what may very well be the last clip anyone got on Forbidden Banks.

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  1. Nice tune free soul. Shout out to Control ”teens” video Toma part never heard this tune used anywhere else makes such a great vibe.

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