3 Flip Phones Missed 60 Calls

Photo via @whatisnewyork

The Say You Swear podcast interviewed Naquan Rollings — one of the most prolific videographers today — with guest commentary from Father Bop throughout.

“You’re a smart person. Smart people get uncomfortable couches.” Village Psychic posted up part two of Lurker Lou and Mark Suciu’s journey through lesser-known Bronx spots.

Time On Our Hands is a full-length New York video from Abi Teixeira featuring many familiar faces, great make-you-wanna-skate-with-your-friends vibes, and some good tunes. Decent bit of Brianna Delaney footage, too :)

Krooked’s “Don’t Stop Featuring Una Farrar” dropped just as the Thrasher staff clocked out of the office last Friday. Basically an Una part + cameos from the rest of the team, Frank Gerwer bringing tre shuvs back, and the first official bits of Andrew Wilson footy in a Krooked project :)

Farran Golding posted up another part commentary, this time with Dick Rizzo for his Grand Prairie section.

Momentum is an Albany video by Chris Sendzik, supported by our friends at Seasons Skateshop.

An update from the youths: “Video #2” is a sick New York edit from Wilmer Filmer and his crew. They all took a leap since “Me & My Dogs” from last year.

The Regal theater at Union Square is closing its doors for good 💔 Not the best theater in the city, but by far the most good-enough and conveniently located. Never forget the time we pulled up five-deep with an unhidden 18-pack to watch Gravity and the staff didn’t say shit.

This seems relevant to the general readership of this website: Spotify/Gimlet just released a multi-part podcast called “The Conviction of Max B,” which is about…exactly that. Yes, it includes direct interviews with The Wave. If you’re a Max fan and even if you know some of the story — fair warning — it’s a devastatingly fucking sad listen, though it does end on a better note 🌊

Will it ever snow in New York again?

TRENDWATCH2023? Beer?! 🍺 First we got “beeer is goood” from Beer-Wax out of Boston, which is a bunch of dudes skating ledges to Blackstreet + some dudes from Australia named a company Smoke Beer Skateboards.

Spot Update 📍 — The Kader CANDYLAND rail / Joey’s Sculpture plaza that inspired the New York level of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 got remodeled. Intel via Aaron Herrington.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — A quick bit of Elijah Odom, four minutes with Brass + ladies and gentlemen, Kyle Wilson.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Not really in the habit of posting Steph highlights here these days (the Sports Desk has a 70% lean towards the underdogs), but this one was nuts. Warriors lost though.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “Our Uber got pulled over by the cops last time we were there. We gave them 75 cents and it was all good.” — Dom Travis


  1. The part of the Max B podcast where it talks about them going to the different Holiday Inns in Jersey was gut wrentching.

    Devasting sad for real.

  2. this is the only skate website i still read. thanks for the stuff that isn’t skate but enough interest to an aging skater like me. have a good 2023.

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