#QSTOP10 — Top 10 of 2022

Another year, another hundred thousand hours of skate footage. Congrats to everyone for …watching it. As in years past, we tried to lay out the clips that made us scream, laugh, cry, and propose to our significant others — because sometimes a skate trick is so beautiful that it will remind you life is short and time is fleeting. Scramble the order any way you like, and it’s correct.

The #QSTOP10 desk will be on vacation for the next two weeks. The countdown will return on Friday, January 6. Thanks for watching this year, and even bigger thanks to everyone for stacking ❤️

Skip to 4:45 if you want to bypass the compilation of all the intros.

Original Clips:


Intros via every #QSTOP10 from the past year [link]
10) Ishod Wair via “Real Presents: Ishod” [link]
9) Heitor Da Silva via “Vice Versa Love” part [link]
8) Louie Lopez via F.A’s “Louie Again and Again” part [link]
7) Rayssa Leal via IG [link]
6) Ville Wester via Polar’s Sounds Like You Guys Are Crushing It video [link]
5) Sean Greene via Right Here For Pablo video [link]
4) Tiago Lemos via Primitive’s DEFINE video [link]
3) Julian Lewis via Foundation’s Splendor video [link]
2) T Funk via Baker Video With Tyson & T Funk [link]
1) Tyshawn Jones via Nolan Zangas on IG / Thrasher [link / link]


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