Snack People

Suciu at the Yellow Rail • Photo by Greg Navarro 📷

“The heelflip to kickflip ratio is also an impressively well-balanced 9:10.” 4-Ply Mag crunched the numbers on Tyshawn’s “General” part. (on the off chance that you’re smarter than everyone else and don’t have Instagram, Thrasher also dropped an addendum Insta part.)

If the front skatepark section of the B.Q.E-adjacent park is Zered Park, then the back, basketball court street section is definitely Leo Park, as evidenced by the new Leo Baker Spitfire part.

The Terror of Planet X dudes just dropped a new part from Sebastien Housset, which is half-filmed in New York. Unlocking a wedge over one of the Duane Reade benches by Battery Park is definitely a new one…

RAMSCHADEL, the new video from the Syracuse-based Wool Skateboards, is a good time + a great watch for upstate spot research.

“When viewing this stunt through the efforts of another subculture besides skateboarding — BMXing, scootering, freerunning — something interesting happens. The bias of being a skateboarder no longer clouds the vision, and it becomes clear how asinine attempting this is.” Simple Magic wrote some words about the mythology of the Lyon 25 and how it stretches across cultures.

Austyn Gillette dropped a 16mm New York part for Jenkem’s “Ground Glass” series.

Four minutes of Mark Humienik loosies + four minutes of Hugo Boserup loosies.

Tyler Surrey is the latest guest on The Bunt. Sk8Mafia for life.

“Where there once was seen a stylistic tar pit, do pants with two different coloured legs now represent a potential goldmine, or is this all only a case of the sun occasionally shining on the dog’s proverbial rear?” Boil the Ocean considers a reworking of fashion faux pas and the future of pants with two different color legs.

Shout out to Jeezy for the quickest succession of this-or-that answers on Drinks Champs ever.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — This entire section is basically gonna be Luka/Ja Morant/Luka/Ja Morant all season. The seated Luka pass against New Orleans has big “how did I land that”-energy.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “If I said double-set, I meant hubba.” — Zach Baker

Expecting 2022 Jeezy to hit the high-marks of the classics is obviously unfair, but this one goes.