Friends With Fred

“Never give up. Stick with it and keep trying. Don’t get discouraged by shitty attitudes. Just keep going, man. Don’t look back… And stay off hard drugs.” Fred Gall, 2019. Not sure who shot this photo? Maybe Mehring? Photo by Reda.

Figure there is zero chance anybody who is a QS Monday Links reader would not have already seen Fred Gall’s “Spiritual Healing” part, but it would also be sacrilegious to not mention it.

“You needed to bring a mattress there ’cause you run right into a brick wall and you’ll die without a mattress.” Thrasher also posted up Brian Anderson’s interview with Fred Gall.

…aaannndddddd The Warm-Up Zone — the internet’s leading Fred Gall scholars — compiled a recap of the past 18 months of Freddy’s achievements leading up to the part.

It’s a week with both a Naquan and a Johnny YouTube upload ⚱️

Naquan Rollings uploaded a seven-minute Tompkins edit from this summer that features everyone from Keith Denley to Pedro Delfino.

What has Stu been doing now that he successfully accomplished the life goal of rolling in on the Water Street grey wall? Johnny Wilson dropped a surprise Stu Kirst part over the weekend. Just when the onslaught of daily skateboard content had us thinking a front board down a big handrail would never make us *FEEL SOMETHING* again, Stu’s two midtown ones in this are transcendent uses of the maneuver ❤️

Not sure what secret trick the Pocket crew uncovered in making their “Followed” series feel unlike any other of the other “Day in the Life” series throughout the years, but the latest with new father and new Limosine pro, Hugo Boserup, is a great watch.

“You can’t be careful on a skateboard.” Dr. Paul O’Connor explores the time Stephen King wrote about skateboarding in his 1986 novel, It.

These guys are the skate version of superheroes: The trailer for Shinpei Ueno’s Lens III is now live. Premieres in Japan on September 30.

And last but not least, the week’s biggest news is that 2022 will be the first Dime Glory Challenge since 2018. (You may remember that the 2019 event was technically not a Glory Challenge.) Revisit past QS coverage here: 2018, 2017, 2016.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “Don’t get on coke, get on a board.” — J-Boy


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