That’s An Awful Lot Of Bad Ledges

95th and Columbus might be the *original* Forbidden Banks, as explained by Eli Gesner in Jenkem’s “Neighborhoods” video on the Upper West Side. 📷 Photo by Greg Navarro.

Pretty much the only Go Skate Day edit worth your time, year after year: Sabotage’s GSD 2022 is now live.

“Can post-Olympics, post-Instagram, post-Phelps skateboarding still maintain the purist allegiance to the etiquette and rules of old?” Free has a #longform piece on the politics of finding spots, preserving the secrets of spots, and being the first-and-second to get tricks on certain spot up on their website. (For additional reading, Mike Munzenrider interviewed Atiba, Tim Fulton and Mike Heikkila about this same ever-complex dynamic back in 2020, and QS ran an interview with the creator of Skhateyou, the website every single skate tourist has used when traveling in Europe, back in 2017. Things haven’t gotten any clearer, as you can tell by the Free article having the widest net of perspectives yet.)

Al’s Skate House scours the history of hubbas, rails and plain old ledges to compile a history of the noseslide’s finest moments, the finest of which is naturally evidence of Frankhouse nosesliding the Philadelphia City Hall curved rail before Koston.

Gonz skates the Supreme Bowl and hits some Manhattan street spots with Maité, Nora, Jenn Soto, and other familiar faces in the latest episode of “Abnormal Communication” up on Thrasher.

Yeeeooo! 4:20 of Will Marshall loosies.

The Euro gap heelflip in this Deonte Hanner Insta part is wild. Feel like people have been sizing that thing up since it’s been there towards the start of the pandemic, but that’s only, what? The second clip on it?

Patrick O’Mara has a quick new section out for Violet Skateboards with a hall of fame Brick 9 line in it.

Sleeper favorite video of this summer is “Xola 955” out of Mexico City, a scene that we honestly don’t know a whole lot about here in the States, despite it being the largest city on this continent. Jake Church also has a bro-cam edit from the time he spent skating with these dudes out now.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Not gonna lie, nobody at the Sports Desk could have predicted logging into work from their Croatian beachside getaways during the off-season to give Curren Caples Play of the Week, but duty calls.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Ben Blundell: “I’ve never been this sick in my life. I’ve puked like 50 times.”
Rob Harris: “Sounds like you’re trying to get out of skating Tekashi 10.”

Rest in Peace James Caan. Have gotten some favorable returns from the occasional random movie reference that’ll pop up on here, so you should do yourself a favor and watch The Gambler from 1974. (Def not the Wahlberg remake from 40 years later.) Tons of New York in the ’70s, and they borrowed chunks of pacing/momentum from it for Uncut Gems.