Summer Slump

QS office in the middle of the summer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Buried somewhere in the backlash, Bobby put together a really great part for Riddles.

Congrats to fuckin’ Drewwww for becoming Hjalte’s teammate via subtle announcement. Here is his Paych part even tho Johnny peaked with Space Heater.

New one from Antosh and the Vancouver boys.

Tennyson Corporation put together a Mike and Quim Cardona 411 remix video to tug at your heartstrings (that nollie shove, varial flip line…) Our NY Revisited remix of Quim’s clips still gets brought up as many people’s favorite piece of QS #content, and remains one of this website’s proudest moments — probably because there are few skaters as infectiously inspiring in their footage as Quim. Thanks man ♥

“He’s not a bum, it’s crazy.” Paul Young posted Bronze’s raw footage from those couple weeks when the entire city of New York was coincidentally in Barcelona together. Just as a context for how utterly insane Barcelona is for skateboarding, Clearout (#QSTOP10 extra tweaked back smith clip), a two-week old video entirely filmed in the city, avoids almost every single spot from the Bronze clip.

TWS has a rad piece on the invention of the nollie flip, circa 1990.

A couple new Puleo clips in this commercial for German Nieves’ company, Paterson.

“What if you’d been told, on the occasion of Fully Flared‘s premiere nigh ten years ago, that Anthony Pappalardo’s part would provide a primary guiding light for the shoe supplier’s next full-length video — would you have believed it?” Boil the Ocean reviews Lakai’s latest video.

“Is this like a Seinfeld thing, where there’s no story?” Trick link: Anthony Pappalardo interviews Gino Iannucci. Gino is also now on Instagram. Everyone caves. Except Max Palmer and Stuart Hammond.

Respect for sticking the 360 flip in the security guard’s face, but so confused as to why there is an Australian video called Deadass.

Best nollie heel noseslide gets a free board.

Correction: Colin Provost’s impossible should have been in last week’s QS Top 10.

Spot Updates — 1) Not sure how recent this is, but the Philly step(s) under the Williamsburg Bridge on the way to Alligator Ledge are no more. The school installed rails running down the middle of them. 2) Here are a couple photos of the skatepark being built on 114th and 1st Avenue via neighborhood correspondent, Tron Jenkins. It is set to officially open in March of next year.

Quote of the Week: “If Pontus ever has a heart attack, I’m definitely sending my sponsor me tape to Frog.” — Hjalte Halberg

Most adorable intro to a part and top 5 most steez switch back tail ever. Thanks for all the drinks James :)

The 30 Phattest Outfits in Skate Video History: 1992-2012

Happy fall fashion week. We hope that you are fashion-forward during these next several days, and wish you the best of luck in sparking a brief romance with a lonely stylist’s assistant before the week is out.

In honor of this most festive of weeks, we have compiled a somewhat comprehensive guide to the best gear from the past twenty years’ worth of skate videos. Skateboarding didn’t just begin “embracing fashion,” as some misinformed outfits have recently reported. Fashion has been stealing shit from skaters for years. (Luckily, they left Javier Nunez’s City Stars jeans alone.) Here’s the proof: All the jerseys, sweats, camo, braids, insane patches, sweater vests and swooshy pants that you could ever hope for. Yes, there are omissions. No, it isn’t in order. Thanks to Roctakon, Boss Bauer, Sweet Waste, Jack Sabback and Jason from Frozen in Carbonite for their contributions to this post.

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Quartersnacks: Still a Frugal Enterprise


Much in the vein of how rappers release songs condemning “snitching” when they are caught up in massive controversies of potentially being snitches, or members of their crew get rooted out as federal agents, just so their audiences know how they stand on the issue, I felt it should be necessary to draw a line in the sand to let the world know the Quarter Snacks stance in light of recent controversies. Clearly aligned with the now nearly-extinct twenty-five cent snack cakes that the site is named after, this website is down for the meager corners of a metropolitan existence, and not a trust fund enterprise by any means. The issue of “trust fund-ed” skate / internet institutions is clearly a very prominent topic in the changing landscape of this wonderful city, and it has caused the greatest uproar in the Quarter Snacks comments section since its previous summer 2007 high point of hate when Thando and Mooney were on the most-hated list and the Green Diamond first announced their impending endeavor of releasing a full-length video. At least I figured out that if I don’t update the site for two weeks, the invisible hand intervenes and updates it for me. I have no insight to offer on this controversy and hope that you guys have all settled your quarrels so we can continue to go about discussing Proust, Tarkovsky and Gucci Mane like we typically do here.

Now, here’s the bad news — this isn’t a real update. Sorry. I have a block of free days in the coming week, in which I am hoping to get done the bulk of the re-formating work I have been talking about since maybe ten months ago, but you know, that’s if I’m lucky. Updates should hopefully coincide with that. If not, it’s getting warm, clips soon. You know.

Here’s some shit to watch that I’m super late on.

Howard Glover — Manhattan Montage from 1998
Howard Glover — Brooklyn Banks Montage from 1998
I don’t know who this dude is, but he just dropped these two clips (which you have probably already seen), that I simply hoped would never end. Late-90s, raw New York stuff. Kind of like Revisited, but almost better in that I don’t think ANY of it has ever been in any other videos. What’s really striking about them, especially with the non-Banks one, is that people really haven’t gotten that much better in the past ten years. Take out some of the tricks, switch up the gear, and a lot of the tricks would look perfectly up to par with a lot of videos these days. Especially Rodney’s footage at Newport. If this guy has any more footage, he needs to make a Revisted-esque DVD with it, because who the hell knows if the mythical “in-the-works” Strobeck video of unreleased late-90s/early-2000s footage will ever come to fruition before all the DV tapes on this planet disintegrate. This might be the next best thing.

Jame’s Frankhouse’s S.O.N.2 is worth a watch if you haven’t caught it yet. Like the first installment from last winter, its a homie-cam formatted type deal, which is pretty much the only format that I’m backing these days, seeing as how VX1s are obsolete and HD is too expensive for an institution like this one where good (or even borderline competent) filming has never been a priority. It has the added bonus of a soundtrack select by DJ Dirrty from East Village Radio’s wonderful Baller’s Eve program, which has become a part of my Wednesday night routine for the past few months now. Pretty much the only place you can hear new Pastor Troy songs or Alabama rap these days. They don’t play enough Boosie, Z-Ro or All Star, but you can’t have it all. Oh well.

5050 Skate boarding Forums “Where are they now?” Series: Volume 1 — “Neuman”

Quote of the Week: Fourteen-year-old Asian kid at Sayreville skatepark: “Hey dude, has anyone ever told you that you look like Dill?
Watermelon Alex: “Fuck you, you look like Pat Chanita.
Fourteen-year-old Asian kid at Sayreville skatepark: “Who’s Pat Chanita?

Winter Viewing


While you are stuck indoors, wishing you were in Los Angeles for the premiere of that stupid Alien Workshop video, the In4mation blog posted up a link to James Frankhouse’s homie video, featuring Lurker Lou, Killer Kowalski, Jahmal Williams, some Thai prostitutes, and others. It is a fourteen-minute long homie-cam video, allegedly filmed with a camcorder bought from a crackhead in Cincinnati for $20, that is going to make you wish for warmer weather even more.

September.October.November [160MB / 13:56]. It downloads in .m4v, so it might open up in iTunes instead of Quicktime depending on your settings.

And while we are on the topic of homie-cams, here is the greatest thing ever to be posted in this website’s history. How it was not the most viewed thing on YouTube ever is beyond me.

Unconfirmed: According to an anonymous commenter, “it [the Flipmode video] will be online in a few days.”