#QSTOP10 — June 10, 2022

We usually try to reserve the one-video episodes to the smaller companies — Limosine, Bronze, Sour (yeah, Baker got an exception.)

A two-minute recap of a video that got 300k views in five days and was all that got shared on skateboard social media for 72 hours isn’t the most #onbrand way to use this weekly space (even though a third of y’all only clicked around that thing), so had to throw in some selections from the underdogs.

Please be sure to watch the Ninetimes video (a nice reminder that “Feds in Town” is a goat-level song), and the Jimmy video out of Texas.

Have a good one.

Original Clips:


Intro via @andrewdowntown [link]
10) Jake Church via Vans’ Much Quiet video [link]
9) Sarah Kelly via Ninetimes’ Site video [link]
8) Zach Funk via Radio x Environs’ SLAG [link]
7) Riley Boland via Ninetimes’ Site video [link]
6) Joseph Biais via Vans’ Much Quiet video [link]
5) Bret Gregory via Jimmy video [link]
4) Wade Desarmo via Primitive’s DEFINE video [link]
3) Spencer Hamilton via Primitive’s DEFINE video [link]
2) Paul Rodriguez via Primitive’s DEFINE video [link]
1) Tiago Lemos via Primitive’s DEFINE video [link]


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