#QSTOP10 — June 3, 2022

An Antwuan Dixon sighting, an excellent video out of the U.K. (with some hall-of-fame line choreography), and an obvious #1 — in a week that had 22 countdown suggestions on the board in the QS office breakroom.

Original Clips:


Intro via @nickboserio [link]
10) Victor Larsson Blé via “I say what I think, silent” by Makke Bengtsson [link]
9) Kevin Liedtke via “Flinch” by Andrew Meyer [link]
8) Blinky via Welcome 2: Hell [link]
7) Justin Adeniran via “Flinch” by Andrew Meyer [link]
6) John Shanahan via IG [link]
5) Antwuan Dixon via FTP’s NOT A SKATE VIDEO [link]
4) Ryan Hamburg via Foundation’s Splendor video [link]
3) Corey Glick via Foundation’s Splendor video [link]
2) Dale Starkie via Welcome 2: Hell [link]
1) Julian Lewis via Foundation’s Splendor video [link]


Previously: May 27, 2022


  1. I think I read on QS that there was a club or park nearby that would blast reggaeton music. I’ve never been to the spot though.

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