Remember Keith? He’s Back. In Tech Deck Form.

Insta loosie comps have been like 20% of what gets posted on here in recent years (media landcape ‘n shit, yaknow), but this one rules: someone mashed together 11 minutes of Steel McAdam and Coles Bailey Insta loosies. Obvs biased, but can’t wait ’til both of them are pro ❤️

We’re all on the same page that Keith having his name and face on a Tech Deck is maybe a bigger life hammer than him having his name and face on an actual skateboard, right? What a time to be alive.

Anthony Pappalardo the Writer interviewed Amy Ellington about KCDC, twenty years in Williamsburg, and running the longest-operating female-owned skate shop in the United States. (Also a former employer of the aforementioned Keith!)

Stingwater has a new edit out 🌱

Theories has a cool interview about the origin of Apartment Skateboards and what it’s like running a skateboard company against all odds out of West Virginia.

Simply Magic bids farewell to the famous brick bank spot in Vancouver — the place where we were forced to contend with life in a post-ABD society.

No shade to anybody involved obvs, but wasn’t expecting to wind up 18 minutes in still watching this one upon first clicking… Bobshirt, the historian of all things Photosynthesis, interviewed Mr. Dibbs about creating the soundtrack for the video. (Got a lil’ Bobshirt surprise coming later this week on QS, too ☺️)

Also from that era: Memory Screen remixed a bunch of unseen footage from The DC Video days, filmed by Tony Turbo. The Alex Carolino line is nuts. (Never not impressive that kids not born when that video came out can crook the exact same bench from it at Tompkins today. Can’t wait for it to wind up in Brazil or some shit in 2041.)

A quick one from the Melodi boys that feels a bit like a teaser for the next.

The first park in this edit looks mad fun.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀What a save from Tyrese Maxey.

Quote of the Week 🗣Central Park Hubba is the new Blubba.” — Greg Navarro

Happy bday Conor! ❤️