Best Bloody in Brickell

Added Thrasher‘s “The Union Square Video” — from San Francisco’s Union Square, naturally — to the Quartersnacks One-Spot Part Map, which turns one this coming July! We started out with 46 parts filmed exclusively at one spot, and have quickly worked our way to two shy of 80, with at least one on every continent except Antarctica 🥶 Wonder what it’d take to film a video exclusively at New York’s Union Square though (slated to be renovated soon, too.)

Be sure to stop by and support Skate Like A Girl’s 4th annual “Get On Board” silent auction fundraiser.

Anybody who has pulled up to the Kosciuszko Bridge spot (the new home of all the Blue Park obstacles) has asked, “Wait… is this a skatepark or..?” Jenkem got the full backstory on how it got built and why it differs from other skateparks in New York. Still didn’t answer why they used round coping 😡

Ten minutes of Ishod loosies. That guy is pretty good.

Village Psychic sat down with Lee Smith to chat through his part in FTC’s A Thin Live Between Love and Haight from 2005.

Caught this one on Skate Jawn and really enjoyed it: “Business Promo #4” from Deforestation Skateboards. Short ‘n sweet. Mostly New England footy. Some New York.

The hucking event of the season: “Slice N Dice Tour,” the full-length video from the Arizona Iced Tea…skate company. That ollie over the bank at Con-Ed is insane.

AND ON THAT NOTE…tides in the global economy have caused even one-time pillars of stubborn “inflation-resistant” goods like skate decks to rise in price. Somehow, the 99¢ Arizona iced tea can — a staple of adolescent skate culture before people get into Essentia and shit — is adamant about staying that price against all odds. “If you could fill your car up with cans of AriZona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey, it would be cheaper than L.A. gas by nearly 40 cents a gallon.”

Some bits of Athens footy from the Yardsale crew.

Vice has a rad photo feature / article about the skate scenes in Zambia and Mozambique.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — The Grizzlies are obvs one of the most lovable NBA franchises, but gotta show love for our Minnesota readership and their underdog story. (Plus there seem to be some parallels in Knicks and Wolves fandom.)

Quote of the Week 🗣
Alex Dondero [setting up turntables]: “Are these skaters ready for some techno?”
Concerned Gentleman: “I mean…don’t make it too crazy.”
Alex Dondero: “I’ll do what I want.”

Congrats to the crew at Andrew Skateshop for making it to five years 🎂

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  1. Could be wrong, but thought I remembered seeing Steve R comment somewhere that the round coping at the Superfund site, aka K Bridge, was the developer’s “compromise” to accepting the ledges will be skated. He thought it fit the architecture or was more pleasing than square for some reason – or something to that degree.

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