It’s Hollywood, Baby!

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Just like that, the final remaining of the “Big 3” east coast skate plazas is in jeopardy of being lost to re-design. (We all know the Love one turned out great 🤮) Please sign the petition to help save Freedom Plaza A.K.A. Pulaski Park from reconstruction.

You don’t need to be one of the sentimental-about-skating types to get emotional watching Revolutions on Granite, the documentary that Thrasher premiered late last week about the central spot in Kiev and Ukrainian skate scene — which was made before the Russian invasion, but obviously takes on new significance and urgency now. (Turn the subtitles on in the YouTube options.)

The crew at Solo talked to a few Ukrainian skateboarders to paint a picture of what life is currently like in the country.

Absolutely Miffed is a new full-length video out of Jersey with the crews from Underground Skateshop and Eastcrust. Ollie-over manny into that bank on Tonnele Avenue without dying on the crack is wild.

ICYMI: Andrew Allen watched his Hockey parts with Village Psychic and gave the background stories on ’em. “As of now, I have no desire to go there.”

Farran is hosting a screening of all his favorite spot pieces for QS out in Leeds for our Leeds family 😈 Ticket + screening info via his website. Hyped to bring these videos back in ’22.

Mostly Philly footy but a lil’ bit of New York in Chris Benino’s “Winter Solstice” edit. Has Troy + Ryan sightings!

20 minutes of Sean Pablo loosies via Zubr, obvs.

Shout out to dropping print media alongside a years-in-the-making video. Monster Children has an interview with videographer John Marello about Bunny Hop, and the corresponding zine released with it.

Jenkem hung out with the locals at NJ Skateshop in Jersey City.

Jake Anderson is the latest guest on The Bunt + Una Farrar is the latest guest on the Vent City podcast.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀The Eric Gordon Lebron video that got reposted ten million times, obvs.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “iPhones ruined all the good bar arguments.” — Dave Dowd