Expensive Navy

This is the last week it gets dark before 7 P.M. 🤞

Shadow is a full-length Long Island scene video (though obviously much of it is filmed in the city) by David Rind. Last two parts are fire, though you may have caught the link for Max Rowlette’s section last week when Skate Jawn ran it.)

Not sure there has been a Johnny Wilson trip edit since that “Roadtrip” one way way back. Tom Knox, Nik Stain, Eric Koston, Louie Lopez, et al. in Texas with Miles Griptape, ICYMI. Love that this roster could come together for something as arbitrary as a griptape team trip, and have it feel like an actual homie edit ❤️

“If, when I was 15, somebody told me to stab someone and they’d give me this, I would’ve done it.” Greg Navarro — creator of The Upper West Side Curb Club — hung around …the Upper West Side with Eli Gesner to get a breakdown of the neighborhood’s landmark spots for a new Jenkem video series called “Neighborhoods.”

…aanndd Cyrus did a Jenkem mix.

Live, from the top of the Forest Park Bandshelll… 🎶 New hard rock Bronze 56k radio mix just dropped. (Or, dropped a week-and-a-half ago.)

A Bronx playground session with the Canal dudes.

There’s been a lot of fire coming out of Minnesota lately. Village Psychic premiered a new part by Ty Stigney that has an innumerable amount of “wtf” moments.

Insta Loosies Corner: Lucas Puig x Venice Beach curbs x Sade + Eight minutes of Seven Strong clips + Eleven minutes of Lucien Clarke clips.

Fred Gall was on the Fancy Lad podcast, and the new season of The Bunt just started up with a Donovan Piscopo episode.

“Maybe we’re just efficient survivalists. Dedicated urban parasites turned sponsored craftspeople.” José Vadi wrote about skateboarding in The Yale Review. Campus cops are still gonna chase you out of those New Haven spots though.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — It could only be one thing. Apparently, it set the record for the most-viewed video ever posted on NBA social channels.

Quote of the Week 🗣
E.J: “I got to go to a surprise party in a bit.”
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Damn, what are you gonna wear?”
E.J: “Expensive navy.”

Long Live Snootie Wild ❤️