This Year Halloween Fell On A…

Sorry, sometimes the headline is too obvious to resist 💋

WOW2G is a new 22-minute video by Eighty Twenty, Hell World, and the Travel Skateshop family. Half-New York, half-Jersey spots. Aron Moloney (first full part) and Derek Thor (second-to-last part) both crush it. The pinches on those switch front crooked grinds!

Also a decent dose of Jersey City footy in Neema Joorabchi’s new B-roll montage.

If you haven’t seen Fred Gall’s “Out There” on Thrasher, it fucking rules. Make yourself a nice sandwich and throw on his Bobshirt interview from 2018 afterwards.

Rest in Peace Max Van Arnem.

Herb Brown has a fire opener — mainly on two wheels — in Dead on Arrival’s “Final Countdown” video, while Drew Grabowski takes it upstate for the ender. Souls of Mischief in 21st century skate videos has a certain charm ;)

The Bos brothers are boss.

Friendship Express” is a wholesome Hi-8 edit by Jack Moore, mostly filmed in New York. Glad that other people are realizing the *massive* ride-on hubba in McCarren is the greatest spot EVER!

Max Harrison-Caldwell wrote about Chase Walker’s RESPECTFULLY video for his bi-weekly column, and how that darkslide around the curve truly made us all *feel something*.

“I cannot stress enough, if you’ve got something, a passion, pursue it bro. Fuck the road. It’s dead and fake. You’ll go to jail and you’ll get forgotten and that’s it.” Chewy Cannon and Morph (O.G. Palace filmer) have a very rad joint interview up on the Free site about how their friendship has endured through trying times. (Laughed when one of the things he tripped hardest about after four years in jail is McDonald’s delivery.)

Our correspondent Farran Golding interviewed Austyn Gillette for Please Don’t Forget This, a photography book by Andrew James Peters, which covers the trips that made up recent Former video.

Speaking of which, YouWillSoon made a megamix of just the makes in Andrew Allen’s L.A. High footy, as featured in Farran’s “Favorite Spot” interview piece from two weeks back.

Thrasher posts some parts as IGTV only now? They got a new part with Emilio Dufour filmed over the course of a week in New York on there. Switch flip front 5050 at Columbia was fire.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Is this the first time Russ got pissed (in a productive way, obvs) in a Lakers uniform?

Quote of the Week
British Dom: “Where’s he supposed to meet them for the threesome?”
Non-Threesome-Haver: “I think he said Bushwick.”
British Dom: “I feel like that’s where all the threesomes go down.”