#QSTOP10 — November 12, 2021

Not the countdown gridlock that was expected in a week when Bronze, Palace and Supreme premiered videos within a 48-hour span of one another. (Though a #QSTOP56K probably would’ve been inevitable had they all made it online at the same time, a la the last time this happened.) Shout out to being able to do video premieres again, yaknow?

Original Clips:


Intro via @gaul_p on IG [link]
10) Alexis Lacroix on IG [link]
9) Deedz via Ace part [link]
8) Victor Campillo via “La Plaine Brute” part [link]
7) Evan Wasser via “Evan Frankie (frog)” [link]
6) Mark Suciu via Habitat “Curve” part [link]
5) Troy Gipson via Supreme’s “Mind Goblin” video [link]
4) Stailly Wallaf via IG [link]
3) Frankie Decker via “Evan Frankie (frog)” [link]
2) Tyshawn Jones via Supreme’s “Mind Goblin” video [link]
1) Nik Stain via Supreme’s “Mind Goblin” video [link]


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