QS Top 56K — October 26, 2018: It’s Time Special Edition

As much as we would’ve loved to acknowledge all sorts of wizardry in the new Girl video, Tao’s wonderful Copenhagen mini-vid / Ville part, and that slappy back smith in the Tanner Van Vark part (which you might miss if you blink), after a repeated viewing of It’s Time with the intention of making selections for this week’s Top 10, it became obvious we could not reduce the video to under ten choices.

Now, slicing up a Bronze video into snippets somewhat defeats the purpose of a Bronze video — but we’re a New York-based media empire, and we wear our biases on our sleeve ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sorry for the wait ;)

P.S. If you happen to be in Tokyo this week like 50% of New York right now, stop by the Domicile shop in Shibuya where we are doing a small pop-up with our friends Hardbody, Humble, LQQK, and others. We did a tiny run of Halloween Snackman tees for it. Flyer + address + other info here.

Original Clips:


10) Shawn Powers 9) Jordan Trahan 8) Adrian Vega 7) Josh Wilson 6) Nick Ferro 5) Mark Humienik 4) Grady Smith 3) Jacopo Carrozzi 2) Dick Rizzo 1) John Shanahan — all via the Bronze 56k video, It’s Time


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  1. shawn powers sucks at life. being decent at skateboarding should not be a good enough reason for someone to get a pass for being a dirtbag. people are so afraid of losing street cred. why promote that guy?

  2. Really thought y’all would put the fakie v flip and fakie v heel down the same set in there after each other. U catch that ?!

  3. Shane Powers isnt even decent at skateboarding though. So now a curb hi Manuel and a not even close to a make sidewalk gap Ollie gets you QS top 10? I got you one for next week snackman. He’s a wannabe lennie Kirk But he forgot that lennie Kirk was good at skating and didn’t try to be a tortured artist/homo thug loser. I’m gonna call nypd on him for the busting up that lobster tank real talk. What kind of a scumbag breaks someone else’s lobster tank and then smashes the lobsters against a wall ? Is he even pro? If so why? His part in bronze should of just been edited out it would of made the video a lil better.

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