#QSTOP10 — November 5, 2021

Light around the office this week, but eclectic on the countdown. The Bos brothers are MVP, Liam McCabe (not in the green sweater for the countdown), and a no comply footprint back 5-0? Or something. Shout out to skating to the Chief Keef song from “cherry” again :)

Edit: #4 is Josh Bos again, not Jake.

Original Clips:


Intro via @dongnanxibeeeei on IG
10) TJ Rogers via IG [link]
9) Josh Bos via “Gristle” [link]
8) Eppu Vatanen “FPC21” by Few Pounds Co. [link]
7) Kento Yoshioka via “Squeak” [link]
6) Bobby DeKeyzer via Ben Chadourne on IG [link]
5) Willem van Dijk via POP / Dancer’s “Topkwaliteit” [link]
4) Jake Josh Bos via “Gristle” [link]
3) Matt Gottwig via Krooked “Birds” part [link]
2) Liam McCabe via The HSS Video [link]
1) Max Van Arnem via Rasa Libre’s Essence of Freedom video [link]


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  1. I always trust that the opening (“blooper reel”) clips are candid and that nobody ever deliberately says, “I’m going to fuck this up in a wacky way on purpose to get my 15 minutes in the QS Top 10”. Not saying that this one is particularly suspect, but if it hasn’t happened yet, it will. Your conscience will know though.

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