#QSTOP10 — October 8, 2021

Hundred-foot nosegrinds, crooks on a tractor, switch front heels, regs front heels, the first-ever QS tat, and KEITH!

Have a good one.

Original Clips:


Intro via @illfuckinwill on IG [link]
10) Joe Marchese via Busch League video [link]
9) Charlie Munro via “Charles” part [link]
8) Carlos Ribeiro via IG [link]
7) Tiago Lemos via IG [link]
6) Jan Henrik Kongstein via IG [link]
5) Keith Denley via Hopps’ “Sure Shot” part [link]
4) Tom Knox via Independent Trucks’ “Berlin-er Kindls” video [link]
3) Mikey Santillan via Escapist’s Our World video [link]
2) Carl Aikens via Bye Jeremy’s “alright, yeah” video [link]
1) John Shanahan via Pangea Jeans Promo [link]


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  1. I kinda wish they had a second angle on that nosegrind, you can’t really tell how fast he’s going in the footage but you KNOW he was cooking at that thing

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