#QSTOP10 — October 1, 2021

Lots of seaside travel this week — Jacopo and co. ripping around the perimeter of Sardinia, Pfanner and the boys looking for unfinished infrastructure in Sicily, and Vague has a lovely video based around England’s Sussex coast.

If anything, this week really invigorated an already over-active travel bug.

….and Jacopo’s trick. Yeah, a back smith big flip seems like more the type of thing you catch in a park edit on IG and scroll right past, but this dude made it look so unreal. Anyone who’s been to both spots can attest to the fact that the Milan grate is even longer than the Flushing one; dude made it look like he sat on it for a fraction of a millisecond.

Original Clips:


Intro via clelland1an ion IG [link]
10) Karsten Kleppan via IG [link]
9) Mattia Turco via Samurai Safari – Fuga Vol. 2 [link]
8) Al Hodgson via “Maritime” [link]
7) Shaun Paul via “Freohammers” part [link]
6) Mecca Jihad Mshaka-Morris via Bluecouch’s “Group Chat” video [link]
5) Mikey Payne via IG [link]
4) Martino Cattaneo via Samurai Safari – Fuga Vol. 2 [link]uch’s “Group Chat” video [link]
3) Caleb Yuan via Bluecouch’s “Group Chat” video [link]
2) Kyle Wilson via IG [link]
1) Jacopo Carrozzi via Samurai Safari – Fuga Vol. 2 [link]


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