#QSTOP10 — September 24, 2021

Ok, every now and then, there’s a week when it’s I M P O S S I B L E to narrow one of these down to ten things, and this was certainly one of them. Around the deadline, there were 21 nominations on the board in the QS breakroom. No snubs were intentional, everyone’s suggestions are correct — just tried to get a variety of projects in here rather than let one dominate, seeing as how the past two weeks were dominated by the the DC x Sabotage video, and then by the Vans x Dime video.

Perfectly fine with nominating Mr. Shintaro Hongo for S.O.T.Y. That new part rules.

Edit: Yes, this was made before the Jacopo thing on Free.

Original Clips:


Intro via @noteshop on IG [link]
10) Leo Gutman via Vague part [link]
9) Neil Herrick via WEALTH part [link]
8) Ville Wester via IG [link]
7) Maite Steenhoudt via Roman Pabich’s “UMA Landsleds” Pro Part [link]
6) Roman Pabich via “UMA Landsleds” Pro Part [link]
5) Lilian Fev via “Rassvet x Vans: Super Kruto” [link]
4) Kevin “Spanky” Long via Emerica’s This [link]
3) Shintaro Hongo via “WKND” part [link]
2) Antonio Aiello via Yama’s Safety First video [link]
1) Figgy via Emerica’s This video [link]


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  1. these are the only way i’m able to stay up on skateboarding while having a full time job and raising kids. truly thank you.

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