Swing Slow — Bluecouch’s ‘GROUP CHAT’ Video

Avid Monday Links readers have no-doubt been catching nods to Bluecouch edits for years now — from 2016’s “Yeet,” to 2017’s “Washed,” all the way to “Prolouge,” the one from last December that began to tie together this current roster.

Like so many crew projects, this one snowballed far beyond what anyone first intended. What started as an Insta edit, became a montage, until ultimately becoming “Group Chat,” the four-part video you see here today.

An all-long lens, all-New York affair, “Group Chat” is a video by Dane Bull. It features Mecca Jihad Mshaka-Morris bending approaches at the notoriously difficult 145th Street banks, Noe Horiwaki skating the Kips Bay Five Then Three like a Three Then Five, Zac Gavin getting aquatic, and Caleb Yuan closing it out with a Times Square N.B.D. — just when you thought re-openings were rendering clips there a relic of the shutdown.

Great video. Happy to share it as something more than a Monday Link ♥

Guest skater: Max Maffucci. Additional filming by Julian Flores and Calvin Nonato. 3D design by Jesse Longo.

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