Keith Denley’s ‘Sure Shot’ Part For Hopps Skateboards

We live in strange days for anticipating something.

We anticipate albums for years only to leave trash emojis in the comments two seconds after they land on streaming platforms.

People anticipated a prequel to the most analyzed TV show in history, only to be disappointed that it didn’t do what it had no business doing in the first place.

U.K. soccer football fans keep anticipating it “coming home,” only for it to get lost along the way.

…and the Knicks. Jesus, don’t even ask. A wise man once said that expecting a Knicks decision to work out was akin to hoping the sun wouldn’t set.

But in our small corner of the skateboard universe, there has been no one thing as anticipated as That Keith Denley Part™.

Some of us have been anticipating it since we met Keith — a little before he back 3’d the Banks nine in Jeremy Cohan’s Short Ends video.

Others have built their anticipation with each passing montage appearance and guest trick. As sure as there is weed smoke, the only other constant at a New York skate premiere is that Keith will be receiving the loudest cheers — should his presence grace the screen.

And so, here it is. That Keith Denley Part™. It will no-doubt be analyzed, dissected and bisected. It will be the subject of blogs, vlogs, podcasts, Twitch streams, Hinge dates, Tinder dates, trade shows, talk shows and game shows.

But one thing is certain: we can feel safe anticipating again. In “Sure Shot,” Keith dribbles, he shoots, he scores. Not only can he dunk, but he can calmly string techery across the Museum of Natural History’s front plaza. He goes in blind-sided on the Pratt bench-to-bank, until ultimately taking us on a rollercoaster of a back tail.

Keith has given us hope, and yet another reason to feel thankful.

Thanks, Keith ♥

Filmed by Paul Young, Josh Stewart, Tristan Mershon and Stephen Buggica.

Edited by Josh Stewart.

Also, Hopps x Quartersnacks items are available on the QS webstore now. That includes the Keith deck :)


  1. front blunt fakie, then switch wallie <3 everything Jahmal touches turns to gold

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