Peepin Out The Window

Caleb’s pro! Photo via Genesis Evans. Caleb’s Bunt (from February 2020) is really good, btw.

“Couple manuals, couple flatground.” Imagine skating for 34 years and still being this fucking good. Pocket‘s latest “Followed” episode is with the goat Daniel Lebron. They really got the pacing of life thing figured out in Spain. Big love to the Mexican families in L.A. ♥

The Duplex dudes out of Florida have low-key been putting out some of the best independently-released, no media-outlet-backed videos of 2021. “Five-Six-One,” their latest, is absolutely no exception. That Leap of Faith clip over the lady is so wild, plus Jake Sanso goes off like usual. Peep their earlier releases: “Sk8 Wing” from May + “Duplex 2” from January.

Grant Yansura went on an investigative trail through fifty filmers to discover who the random drop-in clip from Sight Unseen was. Turns out the dude is an Instafamous farmer now

The latest of the Arizona iced tea raw edits has the tries of Bone Stalone doing the frontside 180 over the subway tracks from platform to platform, and wow is it something to see. (Also what a time capsule to see the subway platform look like that midday during the earlier pandemic days.) Good to know that skateboarders’ proficiency in ollieing the tracks leads to an equal talent for jumping them — unlike regular humans ;)

Lil’ bit of New York footy in Marcos Montoya’s part in Maxallure’s Born Free video (Three Up Three Down trick is wild) + a few Marcello sightings in the montage.

Independent shot a bit of a mini documentary about Brandon Turner.

Neftalie Williams interviewed Sal Barbier for Skateism.

Our friends from Poetic for our friends at Place: Heavy expanding brain takes on slappy techniques in Tom Botwid’s part for Film Trucks.

Jawn Gardner spoke with Jenkem about keeping what goes on inside your brain in check.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Pour one out for the never-learning Knicks fan in your life that’s overreacting about a Julius Randle game-winning shot …in the preseason ;)

Quote of the Week
Inquisitive Gentleman: “How drunk were you for your Bunt interview?”
Charles Rivard: “One caesar and a four-pack.” (Episode drops this week!)